Age of Alexander, futur DLC pour Imperiums – Greek wars

Une première extension va arriver dans quelques temps pour ce 4X sur le thème de la Grèce antique et de sa mythologie. DLC qui confrontera le joueur, en jouant Darius par exemple, à la machine de guerre d’Alexandre, ou si vous incarnez ce dernier, permettra de tenter de dominer plus d’une quinzaine de factions méditerranéennes.

Le gameplay allant ici mettre un peu plus l’accent sur les aspects militaires et économiques pour mieux refléter ces vastes guerres.

Pour plus d’informations sur Imperiums: Age of Alexander, dont la sortie semble prévue dans le courant du second trimestre de cette année, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant Imperiums : Greek Wars, voyez cette page sur Steam et le site officiel.



Imperiums: Age of Alexander DLC in the making

Many players keep asking about the next stop for Imperiums. The truth is that we have many great ideas on how to improve and expand the game, and many of those will come to fruition in the next DLC we’ve named Age of Alexander.

In the base game Imperiums: Greek Wars you had the chance as Phillip II of Macedon to lift backwater Macedonia to a powerful state with ambitions reaching far beyond the Hellenic world. It is only logical that we let you continue this great journey in the epoch of Phillip’s son, the great Alexander, and try to fulfill their grand plans for world domination.

As promised, Imperiums: Age of Alexander will bring unique new features that will put your military and political genius to an ultimate test.

Military Reserves
Maintaining a standing army is extremely expensive, especially in times of peace. You will be able to demobilize your military units and send the soldiers home to their ordinary lives. This move to put your workforce, well, back to work, will boost the economy by saving substantial amounts on military spending for state coffers. You can recall the men to service in a short time if required. However, leave them without regular training for too long and they’ll lose their skills to the point you’ll no longer be able to mobilize them into ready-to-fight units.

This feature will allow you to better balance economic development and the needs of a strong standing army. It can be a useful tool that will test your political foresight and military planning skills.

Economic Specialization
Basic resource management no longer suffices. The growing demands of the state will now require specialized facilities, built in blacksmith and cities, to operate the various resource mines and quarries in their vicinity. They represent skilled labor and special equipment needed for mining, processing, and efficiently moving resources. Such facilities are costly and every new specialization even more so, thus it will be up to you whether you decide to create one multi-specialized economic nexus operating all the mines in its vicinity, or you’d rather invest in several smaller facilities with a single specialization each.

Such economic specialization allows you to maximize production of those resources you need the most for realization of your plans. Besides which, it can easily build up a surplus of a certain resource(s) useful to improve ties to other states through trading with them.

Regional Centers
A growing empire requires decentralization of power to effectively manage affairs in remote corners of the state. Building such provincial capitals will help you reduce corruption to acceptable levels; however, power feeds ambition, and with the growing importance of the new centers you might be faced with decreasing loyalty to your throne.

The choice is not an easy one. You either strive for economic stability and efficient government while accepting the risk of strong opponents growing in your shadow, or you keep all reins of power in your hands and ignore rising levels of corruption and unhappiness that can cause nation-wide revolts.

Having emissaries at foreign courts not only helps you keep a finger on the latest political developments but allows you to subtly direct opinions and attitudes of foreign leaders in ways that suit your own plans and interests. Your envoys can spread rumors as well as words of praise, and occasionally collect vital military information. However, even here you must carefully watch your representatives, as they can easily forget where their loyalty lies as they grow comfortable in foreign ways over time.

The story of Alexander will unfold on a big map spanning from mighty Carthage to great Persepolis, from the cold Alps to the fertile delta of the Nile. We’ll feature 18 playable factions from nomadic warrior tribes of the steppe to powerful ancient empires, each requiring a different strategy.

This is just a first taste of the changes and improvements that we plan for the DLC. We hope that it piqued your curiosity :) and that you are now as excited about it as we are. We promise to bring more news soon with a few sneak peeks to whet your appetite.

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Kube Games team.