Age of Wonders – Planetfall – Star Kings : paladins, vampires, et champis hallucinés !

Une troisième extension majeure est arrivée il y a peu pour la déclinaison SF de Age of Wonders. DLC qui ajoute la faction des Assermentés, soit des paladins dirigeant des Mechs géants équipés d’armes mystiques et ayant fait voeux d’unifier la galaxie et incidemment de sauver toute l’humanité. Ce que l’on peut jouer au travers d’une nouvelle campagne dans laquelle entre autre on trouvera des Graals, qui sont ici des structures sur le terrain, et campagne dans laquelle on affrontera de nouvelles espèces sauvages : les Psionica, des vampires psychiques, les Apostats, des paladins du Chaos, et les Mycètes, des champignons intelligents qui ont eu l’idée, hallucinante indéniablement, de se transformer en cyborgs… Si, si, c’est théoriquement possible avec beaucoup de colle et de matériel agricole.

Au passage une nouvelle mise à jour gratuite elle est venue ajouter de meilleures possibilités d’établir un empire à l’échelle galactique, de nouveaux mondes à conquérir, des secteurs résidentiels pour créer des super colonies ou encore un arbre de recherche infini, c’est à dire avec des technologies futuristes qui peuvent être recherchées un nombre de fois illimité.

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Command Paladins and Seers in Paradox’s Star Kings, the Third Expansion for
Age of Wonders: Planetfall
When you need to save the galaxy, the Oathbound’s giant mechs and mythical seers do the job

STOCKHOLM – NOVEMBER 10, 2020 – Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios today announced that Star Kings, the third expansion for 4X strategy game Age of Wonders: Planetfall, is now available on PC (Paradox Plaza, Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 (Europe, Americas) for a suggested retail price of $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.49 .

Star Kings introduces a new playable faction, the Oathbound who, among many other things, can see into the future and command giant mechs. They’ll need both too. Did we mention they need to save the galaxy? No pressure. No pressure at all.

Additionally, there will be a free update available for all Planetfall players adding tons of new content including the ability to build your own custom galactic empire.

Star Kings’ Features include:

– New playable faction – The Oathbound: The Oathbound are a group of noble Paladins who pilot giant mechs and tear their foes apart with massive arc weapons imbued with lightning. The mythical Seers are the benevolent yet cunning leaders of the Oathbound that support their Paladin brethren in battle through their ability to see into the future from their connection with a mysterious computer system.
– New story campaign: Follow the Oathbound on their sworn quest to save mankind and plant the seeds of a new Empire! Lead a noble Paladin and discover the truth behind the dangers that face her world. Find the ancient Grail Configuration and save the galaxy, or witness the last sparks of humanity fade away
– Grail Configurations: Powerful new landmark structures earned through multi-stage quests. These mysterious structures were created by an extinct race of crystal entities and are used for powerful long term bonuses that are integral in forging the biggest empires possible.
– Wildlife additions: Three new wildlife groups are joining the fray. The Psionica, vampire-like rock creatures that feed on psychic energy; the Apostates, former Oathbound that have given up their vows to embrace chaos; and the Mycelians, sentient mushrooms that have taken control of farming equipment to become cyborgs.

The benevolence of the Oathbound extends to all Planetfall players! Alongside the launch of Star Kings, a free patch will be added with new features that everyone can enjoy. Key features coming with the patch include:

– Galactic Empire: Customize your own empire by conquering worlds with progress that carries over between play sessions. Combine technology from various races and carry over heroes between planets as you lay the foundation of an eternal empire!
– New worlds to conquer: New worlds to wage war on! Each world will have different traits and bonus objectives adding a ton of gameplay variety and extra challenges as you take over new planets to expand a growing empire.
– Tech requisition: Develop new strategies by adopting and combining secret tech from various Planetfall races. Wild combinations and unique tactics can be created that change up the battlefield in crazy new ways.
– Residential Sectors: Create Super Colonies by building beyond the city sector limit and use a variety of racial upgrades to maximize economic variety.
– Endless Research: Each tech tree now contains a ‘Future Tech’ skill that can be researched an unlimited number of times. Future Tech provides a random stacking bonus every time it is upgraded encouraging you to keep on researching forever!

Don’t miss out on all of the expansions; The Season Pass is available for purchase on the Paradox Store!

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