Accueil Actus Ancient Battle – Alexander ressort sur Steam

Ancient Battle – Alexander ressort sur Steam

En bref. Le second volet de la série Ancient Battle, paru au printemps 2014 chez Hunted Cow, fait son retour cet été sur la plateforme de Valve. Au programme, des graphismes en haute définition pour trois campagnes et un tutoriel permettant de jouer facilement une vingtaine des batailles menées par Alexandre le Grand.

Par ailleurs l’éditeur confirme aussi que l’ensemble de ses jeux devraient arriver sur Android et Steam au fil des mois à venir.

Pour plus d’informations sur Ancient Battle : Alexander, voyez cette page sur Steam, celle-ci sur Google Play, celle-là dans l’App Store, ou encore cette page chez l’éditeur.



Ancient Battle: Alexander out now for PC and Mac on Steam.
10% discount for the first week of release.

Ancient Battle RomeAncient Battle: Alexander delivers a unique wargaming experience on Android. Use Macedonian Phalangites, Greek Hoplites, Indian Elephants, Scythed Chariots, Persian Cavalry, Catapults, Archers, Slingers, and many other unit types to engage in classic battles.

Refight Alexander’s battles in and around Greece and Macedonia, including the battle of Chaeronea. The second campaign follows his push to conquer the Achaemenid Persian Empire, while having to deal with rebellious Spartans in Greece. Finally Alexander’s campaign in India, ending in the epic battle of Hydaspes, with the Macedonian Pike Phalanx versus the masses of Indian Elephants.

Key Features:

High Definition Ancient Era Graphics.
7 Mission Tutorial Campaign.
8 Mission Greece Campaign playable as the Macedonians or their opponents the Athenians, Thebans, Illyrians, Getae, Thracians and Triballians.
7 Mission Persia Campaign playable as the Macedonians or their opponents the Achaemenid Persians and Spartans.
5 Mission India Campaign playable as the Macedonians or their opponents the Classical Indians and Scythians.
48 Unique Ancient Units.
Detailed Combat Analysis
Flank Attacks
Hours of Gameplay.

Other News from HexWar

Over next few months, all of our games will become available on Android, via Google Play, and on PC via Steam.

Recently almost every HexWar game has been updated with a wide range of upgrades, these have included smoother graphics, improved map zoom, improved AI opponents, as well as fixing any issues reported by users. This program of continual updates continues for even our oldest games.

Some of our games have been withdrawn from sale on the Apple App stores. This is as a result of a policy change at Apple. Multiple editions of the same game are no longer allowed. As a result ‘Lite’, ‘Free’ and most ‘Gold’ editions can no longer be updated as they cannot pass the approval process at Apple. These games have not been deleted from the App stores, so existing owners can still download them. It is just that they are no longer available to new customers and cannot be updated with any new features.

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  1. Bien!
    Ca à l’air sympa de pouvoir se re-plonger dans ce jeu.
    Quelqu’un avait essayé voire fait un test sur la nouvelle et/ou l’ancienne version ?

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