La série Anno était revenue sur nos écrans via une déclinaison browser game free to play l’année dernière, voici désormais que Ubisoft annonce une adaptation spécialement destinée au système iOS. Nommé Anno – Build an Empire, le jeu sera donc conçu pour profiter d’une interface tactile et de la puissance d’un iPad 2.

La date de sortie n’est pas encore connue, tout au plus sait-on que le jeu arrivera bientôt et sera toujours jouable “gratuitement”. Pour patienter voici quelques captures d’écrans.


The free-to-play Anno experience is coming to the iPad. In collaboration with Mi’pu’mi Games, Blue Byte has rebuilt the strategic city-building title from the ground up in order to perfect it for your mobile device. Begin your journey with a handful of peasants and one island before growing and creating your very own empire. Manage your numerous resources and buildings – each of which has its own special trait – and keep your citizens happy, healthy and prosperous.

Build taverns to keep your people relaxed. Build them homes to keep them safe. Become a master of industry and rule over your empire. Create additional islands and keep trade flowing with your neighbors to help support your economy.

In addition to the strategic solo elements, you’ll be able to challenge your friends thanks to the social elements brought forward from previous Anno games. Grab Anno: Build an Empire soon when it hits the App Store. You’ll need to have an iPad 2 or higher and at least iOS6, plus an internet connection.


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