Armoured Commander II s’aventure sur Steam

En bref. Ce jeu hybride mêlant batailles de chars et gameplay façon roguelike, avec un système en tour par tour et dans un cadre généré de manière procédural, commence aujourd’hui à faire ses premiers pas sur la plateforme de Valve.

Jeu qui vous met donc dans la position d’un chef de char devant progresser avec son équipage au travers d’une campagne semi-aléatoire, le but étant surtout de survivre. L’ensemble étant représenté dans un style graphique à l’ancienne, typique de ce genre de jeux, souvent sur le thème d’explorations et d’aventures au sein de vastes donjons.

Pour plus d’informations sur Armoured Commander II, actuellement en version Accès anticipé, voyez le site officiel et cette page sur Steam.



Armoured Commander II Released as Early Access on 14th May 2020

Armoured Commander II is being released on Steam as Early Access on May 14th, 2020. My thanks to everyone who tested the game out during the close Beta. I’ll continue to test the game and to make small improvements over the next week leading up to the release date!


Roadmap to 5.0.0

With the first public Steam release coming in a few days, I thought it would be a good moment to say something about my immediate plans for the further development of the game. Earlier versions were released for free on the game’s website, which is why the first Steam release is numbered 4.0.0. My first priority from the release date on May 14th is making sure that this version is working well and is mostly bug- and crash-free, and to continue to make minor improvements to it without breaking saved game compatibility. These include any minor quality-of-life changes that can be made to in-game displays, and adding additional detail to existing campaigns.

For the first major update, 5.0.0, I have planned the following additions and changes, although this list may grow or change as I begin to work on these elements in earnest:

Campaigns and Units for the North African Theatre 1940-1942, including British, Italian, and German forces
Severe weather effects for winter and desert conditions, which will be used for the Winter War campaign as well
First batch of 13 Steam Achievements
Weather system: adding light levels, fog, wind, temperature
Additional crew skills, especially for minor positions such as the Assistant Driver!
Crewman may be discharged and sent home if injuries are very severe
Radio/signals system for communication with headquarters, support attacks, squadmates
More detailed bail-out procedure, with more choices to be made when saving your crew
Mortars for enemy infantry, handling attacks from ballistic weapons and aircraft
Steam Workshop integration for custom campaigns
Minor additions to existing campaigns, such as adding in missing Early War units

Once I’ve started on some of these I’ll open up an alpha branch for intreped players who are interested in testing out the newest additions. Also, even after 5.0.0 is released, I will keep the 4.x branch open for players who are finishing up campaigns that were started in the older version.


Version 4.0.0 Released

I’ve uploaded a build of version 4.0.0 for closed beta participants, and this should be the version available to everyone from Thursday onward. There’s no major updates from the previous release candidate, and saved campaigns from the previous version are still compatible. My thanks to everyone who reported issues with the previous beta and RC builds.

Changelog from the previous public release (3.0.2) follows:

Version 4.0.0 Changelog


ADD: New option to display in fullscreen with either 16px or 8px font
ADD: New unit definitions for turret traverse speed: Fast / Slow / Restricted Slow
ADD: Crewmen in smaller turrets cannot operate gun or MG when CE
ADD: Panzerschreck teams for AI in Canada’s Best and Patton’s Best campaigns
ADD: Crew skills can define a list of antirequisites; if crewman already has 1+ skill in list, cannot add this skill (used for when effects would be the same or worse)
ADD: Campaign Records for Commanders of completed campaigns; Player Commander must be active to be added to records
ADD: Completed combat days now recorded for campaign
ADD: Error message if unable to log in to Steam
CNG: Fate Point system redesigned: player always has a set number per day, but must choose when to use them for incoming attacks and AP rolls
CNG: Redesigned the end of campaign display
CNG: Improvements to layout of campaign journal
CNG: Decorations only awarded at end of campaign if Player Commander is active
CNG: Knowledge stat now modifies crewman’s exp gain rate rather than modifying skill effects
CNG: Experience points now only awarded at the end of the day
CNG: For attack and movement rolls, only the best possible skill modifier from each crewman will be applied
CNG: Most fire direction, movement direction, and movement crew modifiers are at half effect if crewman is BU
CNG: Campaign logs now exported to a subdirectory in the user’s home directory
CNG: Updated some sound effects
CNG: Tank nickname can now be changed after being set for first time
FIX: Continue and Load options correctly greyed out if no compatible saved games found
FIX: Improved display of Fast Turret Traverse on unarmoured vehicles

Campaigns and Campaign Calendar

ADD: Ability to scroll list of crewman in Field Hospital
ADD: Campaigns can set VP multiplers for certain tank models
ADD: Display of region in Campaign Selection menu
ADD: Option to be assigned a random tank model
CNG: Improved appearance of Load Campaign menu
CNG: Crewman in Field Hospital now ordered by minimum length of stay, then maximum length
CNG: List of possible campaigns now scrolls to handle longer lists of options
CNG: Revised and updated: Poland Campaign, September Campaign, Liberation Campaign
FIX: Crash if player chose to change tank during refitting, but then kept the same model in the Tank Selection menu

Campaign Day

CNG: Hex zone capture check procedure
– no limit to number of zones that can be captured each check
– base capture odds depend on number of adjacent enemy-held zones
– multipler to enemy-capture and friendly-capture odds depends on current day mission
– if an enemy-held zone is cut off and has no enemy-held zones adjacent to it, its strength is halved (rounding up)
CNG: Target of Opportunity hex zones less likely to be captured by friendly forces
CNG: Zone capture messages now combined into one
CNG: Increased number of hexrows per Spearhead VP capture value increase


ADD: Pop-up message and animation for when enemy units move on the scenario map
ADD: Units with no LoS to any enemy unit at the end of their activation may become concealed again
– precipitation will increase this chance
ADD: Player squad is automatically spotted at start of scenario if ambushed
ADD: If Ready Rack for current ammo type is empty, weapon will automatically switch to reload from General Stores before next attack
ADD: Movement sound effect for AI units; not all movement types have an effect yet though
ADD: Pop-up message when an enemy unit moves but not far enough to enter a new hex
ADD: Sound effect for destroyed infantry squad / small team
ADD: Sound effect for penetrating hit on player, regardless of how it’s resolved
CNG: Small teams (eg. anti-tank rifle team) now only spawned alongside infantry squads, separate list of spawn odds
CNG: Removed “enemy unit recalled” random event
– enemy armoured units now only recalled after a close armour save
– units hit in turret with RST more likely to be recalled
– no notifcation to player that an enemy unit is being recalled
CNG: Removed “random concealed enemy unit is revealed” random event
CNG: “Unspotted” units now called “Concealed,” same effect
CNG: Close Combat teams will now be more agressive in closing the distance to the player
CNG: Decreased base crewman bail out chance
CNG: Player squad will no longer fire Smoke ammo
CNG: Message for a broken player unit weapon now a notification, player must press Enter to dismiss
CNG: Reduced overrun area fire attack bonus
FIX: Bug where player squad would have new terrain generated at start of enemy action phase
FIX: Bug with text notifications about sniper attacks
FIX: Skill modifiers that have been reduced to 0 (eg. from fatigue or injury) are no longer displayed
FIX: Resolving firepower on concealed enemy units no longer shows the odds or calculation, could have possibly revealed unit’s class
FIX: Player squadmates on Overrun will now have LoS correctly regenerated so that units in the overrun target hex are in LoS
FIX: Enemy units that do a Close Combat attack now lose all Acquired Target statuses


Derniers tests