ASL Journal 14

ASL Journal 14: Aussie Special EditionLe quatorzième numéro de ce magazine consacré à Advanced Squad Leader est paru. Au menu de cette édition spéciale, une cinquantaine de pages principalement sur le thème des soldats Australiens et Néo-Zélandais en 39-45, et par exemple 24 scénarios supplémentaires.

Pour plus d’informations sur le ASL Journal 14: Aussie Special Edition, voyez le sommaire ci-après et cette fiche chez l’éditeur.



ASL Journal 14 articles include:

Aussie and Kiwi Stories-Part 1 by Andy Rogers delivers several history lessons on the Aussie and Kiwi forces covered in this issue.
A history of the Battle for Crete and how Aussie and Kiwi forces fared in the battle by Dr. Al Palazzo
A Series Replay of AP161 ANZAC Boys by Aaron Cleavin & Andy
The Magnificent Seven, Andy’s list of the seven scenarios from Journal 14 he recommends for tournament play.
Reflections on Hatten in Flames through four articles by its designer:
Hatten in Flames Revisited
Bringing a Mk IV to a Tank Fight
Hatten in Flames: The Stalemate Continues
Hatten in Flames: Map Genesis
Sparrow Force Stories by Andy, covering the history and details of this issue’s mini-CG.
Sparrow Force Defense by Andy offers a primer to the Australian player in the Sparrow Force mini-CG.
All The King’s Enemies, an account of the Australian 17th Australian Infantry Brigade in World War II, by Andy.
Scenario Breakdown: Dingoes at Damour by Aaron Cleavin, John Knowles, & Alan Smee offers the insight of three players into both attack and defense in this Action Pack 16 scenario.
Aussie and Kiwi Stories–Part 2 by Murray McCloskey & Andy picks up where Part I left off.
Sparrow Force mini–CG: Some Thoughts offers insights by its designer on Campaign Game issues and questions.
Finally, The Debriefing offers this issue’s errata updates.

ASL Journal 14 has 24 ASL scenarios:

J223 Latecomers (French vs Italian, 22 June 1940)
J224 Posts 9-11 (Italian vs Australian, 3 January 1941)
J225 At The Feet Of Zeus (New Zealand vs German, 17 April 1941)
J226 Drawing The Kroh (Australian vs German, 20 May 1941)
J227 Another Frustrating Day (Allied vs German, 21 May 1941)
J228 Flying Samurai (CG Day1; Australian vs Japanese, 20 February 1942)
J229 Tasmanian Devils (CG Day 2; Japanese vs Australian, 21 February 1942)
J230 Battle For Babau (CG Day 3; Australian vs Japanese, 22 February 1942)
J231 Cooking Up A Storm (Australian vs Japanese, 20 February 1942)
J232 Aussie Spirit (Japanese vs Australian, 20 February 1942)
J233 Roff Riders (Japanese vs Australian, 21 February 1942)
J234 Buckley’s Chance (Australian vs Japanese, 22 February 1942)
J235 Irksome Rearguard (Japanese vs Australian, 23 October 1942)
J236 Deadly Dexter (Australian vs Japanese, 21 June 1943)
J237 Commandos at Kaiapit (Japanese vs Australian, 20 September 1943)
J238 Derrick’s Show (Japanese vs Australian, 24 November 1943)
J239 Shoot or Shovel (American vs Japanese, 28 December 1943)
J240 Hurricane Biak (American vs Japanese, 2 June 1944)
J241 It’s A Battlefield (Commonwealth vs German, 11 June 1944)
J242 Courage of Cowan (American vs German, 17 December 1944)
J243 Sore Thumbs (German vs American, 16 January 1945)
J244 Bowden’s Wood (American vs German, 19 January 1945)
J245 Factory Fodder (American vs German, 25 January 1945)
J246 Loser Takes All (Russian vs German, 9 March 1945)


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