Atomic Society arrive sur Steam

Bonne nouvelle ! Cet original jeu de construction ville mais aussi de gestion d’une population de survivants vient d’arriver en version Accès anticipé sur Steam.

En développement depuis plus d’un an et demi, le jeu propose trois différents types d’environnements (neige, forêt et désert), une trentaine de bâtiments différents et surtout laisse une grande part à l’aléatoire, afin d’offrir plus de défi et de rejouabilité. A noter de plus que le jeu comporte un contenu plutôt destiné à des joueurs adultes, du fait qu’il faille juger et décider pour sa population virtuelle de sujets difficiles autour des thèmes de l’avortement, de la sexualité ou encore du crime. Certaines personnes pouvant trouver cela, dixit, perturbant.

Pour plus d’informations sur Atomic Society, voyez cette page sur Steam.



Atomic Society – Now Available!

Atomic Society is now available to buy. Hope everyone enjoys creating your own little dystopias or utopias.

Please bear with us over the coming week. We’ve been working manic hours to get the game ready, so we’re a tad tired. But we will be checking the forums and social media regularly to see if there’s any questions/problems all the same.

Please Leave Us A Review!

If you play the game and enjoy it, it’d be a massive help if you left us a review. We’re dependent on word of mouth so any review really matters.

What’s Next?

This is an Early Access game so there will be a few bugs and glitches as you play, but nothing that should stop you making a town from start to finish and having a good time. If you hit any snags, a quick save and reload, or restarting the game should sort them out for you.

Our first plan is to see what’s happening on the forums, etc, and then we’ll probably put together a little bug-fixing patch to smooth things out (assuming it’s needed). Then, as soon as that’s sorted, we’ll get back to creating new features, social issues, and ways to expand your town.

We’ll definitely be listening to any ideas and feedback players have too, when they seem reasonable (if they’re doable by our little team). The pre-alpha community has definitely helped us shape and refine this game for years and we’re not going to change that, while sticking true to the kind of game we want to make.

If things go well, I think we’ll probably put out another big update to game between now and Christmas. We like to make big, chunky updates to the game that really make it worth playing all over again, but big updates can take a while to complete so please be patient with us.

(It is possible that big future updates might break existing saves, but we won’t do that very often as I know it’s frustrating.)

Thanks To All Our Players

Thank you to everybody who buys the game, or leaves us a review, or just gives us their support. It keeps us going.

And now… It’s time for us to go and pop the cork of something cheap and bubbly and hit F5 on the sales page like maniac all night as we’re broke! :)