Beyond the Rift, prochain DLC pour Pax Nova

En bref. Une première extension majeure, la précédente était plutôt un petit bonus gratuit, vient d’être annoncé pour ce 4X qui vient de bénéficier d’un nouveau patch 1.3.2. DLC qui ajoutera une race supplémentaire ainsi que trois nouvelles factions, puis aussi une prise en compte de la météo et des évènements atmosphériques, comme par exemple des tempêtes de sable. Un nouveau type de planète dit sulfurique viendra varier un peu plus le contexte de jeu, et de nombreux ajouts divers viendrons eux étoffer différents aspects du gameplay.

Pour plus d’informations sur Beyond the Rift, dont la sortie devrait avoir lieu ce mois-ci, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant le jeu de base voyez le site du studiocette fiche chez l’éditeur ou encore cette fiche sur Steam.



Pax Nova 1.3.2 Released And Beyond The Rift DLC Announced!

Hello everyone!

We’ve got a small patch for you today, and a preview of our brand new upcoming DLC: Beyond the Rift.

Today we’re releasing a patch with some AI improvements as well as some important bug fixes. This is an appetizer for an upcoming major update we’re working on which will include some major balancing changes across the board, reworks of some systems as well as improvements in other areas such as sound and more. More on this soon.

First, let’s get into the changelog of today’s update!

AI now will try to avoid confrontation if surrounded by multiple enemies
AI will now consider war more carefully, taking some factors like their current military tech more into account than before
Tweaked the AI aggressivity and pacifist values of some factions
Heavily Polluted air planet trait is now visible visually in the terrain, with gas clouds and a greenish tone taking over the planet surface
Fixed movement markers occasionally rendering when they shouldn’t
Fixed some diplomacy lines of some factions
Fixed some specific tooltips occasionally being stuck until the player clicks with the left mouse button or leaves the current menu
Fixed some event options not working correctly
Fixed some text elements and some UI effects not being rendered
Fixed new game starts failing to initialize under certain conditions
Fixed Tech objects in research menu having wrong info for a frame after the player opens it the first time (bug usually only visible in cases where the player’s pc isn’t quite as powerful or a slow down occurs)
Fixed Defence District indicating wrong starting Damage
Fixed Enlightened Leadership type description
Fixed some slowdown when opening some menus for the first time after starting a new game or loading a game
Fixed Arctic Sword not acting like a melee weapon
Fixed the Harmony growth seal effect yielding 0.2 instead of 0.1
Fixed multiple declarations of war type diplomatic options not advancing Path of Ember
Fixed Faction still being deducted costs of a technology even if it can’t be bought due to not having the required era unlocked when buying a technology from a minor faction
Fixed level bonuses after load occasional not loading all bonuses
Fixed multiple typos


The biggest announcement of the day however is reserved for our first major expansion DLC, Beyond the Rift.

We’ve been working on this for quite some time and we’re really excited to finally announce it in more detail and give you a quick rundown of what you can expect.

The Emissary and Soul Shards

This mysterious being has arrived from beyond Eos, representing a very powerful group seeking what are called Soul Shards.

In exchange they will grant unique powers that can range from causing snow storms on a planet to outright destroying it completely. These powers act like cards that are randomly shuffled and are added to your hand every few turns, then discarded upon use.

New species and 3 new factions

Introducing the Tyr. Fleeing their homeworld after a devastating civil war between the queen and her prodigal son, the Tyr plan on staying and reinventing themselves in Eos.

Weather and atmospheric events

Multiple weather types will hit the homeworlds of Eos, from Acid rains to sand storms, seriously impacting multiple areas of your rule, from combat to food production to your units’ vision, changing your approach significantly.

New planet and biome type

Introducing the sulfuric planet type: rough, yet oddly beautiful.

Tons of new content

New abilities to convert units and tame creatures, a new aquatic district type, new creature types, lots of new technologies, new events, new quests, new minor factions products, edicts, leadership styles and more. There is a lot of new stuff to play with.

Despite all this new stuff we want to keep the price of the DLC very accessible and of course regardless of whether or not you decide to jump in, more free updates will continue coming in!

The voyage through Eos continues.

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