Blitzkrieg 3 : nouvelles vidéos


En bref. Toujours pour les amateurs de STR voici trois récentes courtes vidéos de gameplay pour le futur Blitzkrieg 3, annoncé cet été outre-Volga et confirmé au moins en version anglaise en septembre dernier. La première et la seconde présentent les chasseurs de chars coté Axe et URSS tandis que la troisième montre elle les chars lourds coté Alliés.

En attendant une sortie prévue vers le début de 2015, vous trouverez sur la chaine YouTube du jeu d’autres extraits de gameplay et bien sûr de plus amples infos concernant Blitzkrieg 3 sur son joli site officiel. A lire aussi en complément et en VF ce récent interview de Sergey Orlovskiy, PDG de Nival et producteur exécutif du jeu.



Nival Announces Blitzkrieg 3

16 September 2014

A decade ago, Nival cemented itself as a leader in strategy gaming with the launch of its now-classic Blitzkrieg series, which has won more than forty awards, including numerous Game of the Year and Editor’s Choice accolades. Today, Nival unveils Blitzkrieg 3, the next title in the acclaimed series, coming to PC and Mac in early 2015. Blitzkrieg 3 paints a realistic picture of World War II – away from the realm of politics or ideology, focused on the battles that ultimately shaped the world we live in today.

Players will become commanders of the era as they experience an interactive story of the second World War, blending single-player and innovative multiplayer gameplay. Classic single-player campaigns will be available for each party involved in the conflict – the USSR, the Axis and the Allies. Multiplayer is asynchronous, allowing players to make their way through the enemy defenses without needing to be online for hours on end.

“Since its establishment 17 years ago, Nival has been focused on the strategy genre – often mixing it with other elements to create new game experiences,” says Sergey Orlovskiy, CEO of Nival. “We feel that today’s rather rapid pace of life has caused the RTS genre to fall by the wayside. Blitzkrieg 3 is designed to re-invent RTS for modern gamers, using all of our experience to deliver something new and exciting.”

More information about Blitzkrieg 3 will be released in the coming months, but for now prospective strategists can take a look at the official website, complete with gameplay footage, developer insight, screenshots and more.



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