Blitzkrieg sur les prix chez Slitherine


Bonne nouvelle pour les wargamers, Slitherine vient d’annoncer une première opération promotionnelle dans le cadre des biens connues promotions de milieu de semaine sur Steam. C’est l’occasion pour qui n’a pas un gros budget et n’a pas envie d’attendre les traditionnelles promos de Noël de pouvoir s’offrir de nombreux bons wargames et jeux de stratégie à moindre prix. Soit concrètement en bénéficiant de réductions allant de -20 à -75 %, dont vous pouvez profiter jusqu’à ce vendredi 26 février prochain en fin de journée (10 AM PST).

Au total ce sont une quarantaine de jeux qui sont concernés, dont vous trouverez la liste directement sur cette page sur Steam ou ci-dessous :

  • Advanced Tactics,
  • Alea Jacta Est et Birth of Rome,
  • Battle Academy 1 et toutes ses extensions,
  • Battle Academy 2 et l’extension Kursk,
  • Battle of the Bulge,
  • Space Program Manager,
  • Civil War II,
  • Close Combat Gateway to Caen et Panthers in the Fog,
  • Command Modern Naval Air Combat et Northern Inferno,
  • Commander The Great War,
  • Decisive Campaigns Case Blue et From Warsaw to Paris,
  • Distant Worlds : Universe,
  • Flashpoint Campaigns : Red Storm,
  • Frontline The Longest Day et Road to Moscow,
  • Gary Grigsby’s War in the East et ses deux extensions
  • Hell,
  • Heroes of Normandie,
  • Legions of Steel,
  • Magnifico,
  • Order of Battle – Pacific,
  • Pandora First Contact,
  • Panzer Corps et toutes ses extensions,
  • Pike and Shot Campaigns,
  • Pride of Nations,
  • Qvadriga,
  • Ravenmark,
  • Revolution Under Siege,
  • Rise of Prussia,
  • Scourge of War Waterloo,
  • Sovereignty Crown of Kings (Early access),
  • Star Hammer,
  • Time of Fury,
  • To End All Wars et son extension,
  • Vietnam ’65
  • ou enfin Warhammer 40 000 Armageddon et 4 de ses DLC.


The first Steam Midweek Madness devoted to Slitherine is live now

Epsom, UK – February 23, 2016.

Since Panzer Corps was Greenlit on Steam in December 2013, Slitherine has been teaming up with the popular digital platform to release many strategy games. Still faithful to its traditional distribution channels through its own sites, Slitherine is always working to bring deep and exciting wargames to as many gamers as possible.

Today, the collaboration between the two companies reaches a new level, with the launch of the first Steam Midweek Madness devoted to Slitherine! From February 23 (10am Pacific Time) to February 26 (10am Pacific Time), many of the games published by Slitherine are available at a bargain price.

Among the marvelous opportunities that can be seized are all-time classics like Panzer Corps Collection at 63% off, Gary Grigsby’s War in the East, Ageod’s Civil War 2 and Close Combat: Gateway to Caen at 50% off. Also for the very first time, Battle Academy 2 (77 Metascore / 91% positive user reviews on Steam) gets a unique 75% discount, along with its Kursk expansion! Fans of fantasy and sci-fi games will also be excited to know that freshly-updated Pandora: First Contact is available at 67% off and that we are making a discount on Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon and all of its DLCs for the whole period of the Midweek Madness!

It’s just the right moment to jump into our deep strategy world!

Get access to the Midweek Madness sale from its official page

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About the Slitherine Group
The Slitherine Group is the world’s leading producer and publisher of digital wargames and strategy games. Under the Slitherine (, Matrix Games ( and Ageod ( brands it has published literally hundreds of games, with many award-winning titles in its portfolio and spanning all digital platforms, from home consoles to modern Smartphone’s and Tablets. Slitherine is also involved with book publishing, board gaming and works with a wide array of key licensing partners, such as HISTORY®, MILITARY HISTORY®, Games Workshop®, Horrible Histories™, Showtime, BBC, Osprey, Scholastic, Buzz Aldrin Enterprises and many others to deliver the best blend of historical accuracy in an exciting and entertaining way. Together the Group companies form the world’s largest organization specializing in this important and vibrant niche. The Slitherine Group’s mission over the coming years is to lead the way in innovation and growth in an ever expanding segment of the entertainment industry.


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