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Panzer Campaigns - Sealion '40

Sealion ‘40 explores “what if” the RAF had been beaten in the Battle of Britain and events had transpired to create conditions where Hitler might have launched Operation Sealion – the invasion of Great Britain.


Panzer Campaigns - Kursk '43

Kursk '43 covers the gigantic German Summer Offensive in 1943, when they attempted to cut off the huge bulge in the Soviet lines near the town of Kursk.


Panzer Campaigns - Korsun '44

Korsun '44 covers the Soviet encirclement of the German forces at the Dnepr river line which created the Korsun Pocket.


Panzer Campaigns - Kharkov '42

Kharkov '42 covers the Soviet Spring offensive of 1942 and the attempt to retake the key strategic city of Kharkov.


Panzer Campaigns - Bulge '44

Bulge '44 covers the classic German final offensives, Operations Wacht am Rhein ("Watch on the Rhein") and Herbstnebel ("Autumn Fog") in the West.


Panzer Campaigns - Tobruk '41

Tobruk '41 covers Rommel's Afrika Korps and the fight for Tobruk against the British 8th Army.


Panzer Campaigns - Stalingrad '42

Stalingrad ’42 includes 42 scenarios covering three periods of the overall battle.


Civil War Campaigns - Gettysburg

The heart of Campaign Gettysburg is the campaign system.


Napoleonic Battles - Campaign Wagram

Campaign Wagram covers Napoleon's campaign from the end of the Eckmuhl Campaign through the battles of Aspern-Essling and Wagram.


Napoleonic Battles - Napoleon's Russian Campaign

Napoleon's Russian Campaign covers Napoleon's complete campaign in Russia, from the first battles through Borodino and the retreat of the Grand Army.


Napoleonic Battles - Campaign Jena-Auerstaedt

This is John Tiller's fifth title covering the Napoleonic Wars.


Napoleonic Battles - Campaign Eckmuhl

Campaign Eckmuhl, a John Tiller Game. It covers Napoleon's 1809 campaign against Austria prior to the battles around Vienna.


Napoleonic Battles - Campaign Austerlitz

Campaign Austerlitz continues the fine tradition of excellence found in all of the titles in HPS’s Napoleonic Campaign series.


Early American Battles - Campaign 1776

Campaign 1776: The American Revolution is a tactical / operational level game covering the major battles of the American Revolution from the first clashes at Concord and Lexington to the Siege of Yorktown.


Early American Battles - The War of 1812

The War of 1812 is a tactical/operational level game covering the major battles of the War of 1812 from the pre-war Battle of Tippecanoe to the post-war Battle of New Orleans.



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