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Panzer Campaigns - Kharkov '42

Kharkov '42 covers the Soviet Spring offensive of 1942 and the attempt to retake the key strategic city of Kharkov.


Panzer Campaigns - Bulge '44

Bulge '44 covers the classic German final offensives, Operations Wacht am Rhein ("Watch on the Rhein") and Herbstnebel ("Autumn Fog") in the West.


Panzer Campaigns - Tobruk '41

Tobruk '41 covers Rommel's Afrika Korps and the fight for Tobruk against the British 8th Army.


Panzer Campaigns - Stalingrad '42

Stalingrad ’42 includes 42 scenarios covering three periods of the overall battle.


Civil War Campaigns - Gettysburg

The heart of Campaign Gettysburg is the campaign system.


Napoleonic Battles - Campaign Wagram

Campaign Wagram covers Napoleon's campaign from the end of the Eckmuhl Campaign through the battles of Aspern-Essling and Wagram.


Napoleonic Battles - Napoleon's Russian Campaign

Napoleon's Russian Campaign covers Napoleon's complete campaign in Russia, from the first battles through Borodino and the retreat of the Grand Army.


Napoleonic Battles - Campaign Jena-Auerstaedt

This is John Tiller's fifth title covering the Napoleonic Wars.


Napoleonic Battles - Campaign Eckmuhl

Campaign Eckmuhl, a John Tiller Game. It covers Napoleon's 1809 campaign against Austria prior to the battles around Vienna.


Napoleonic Battles - Campaign Austerlitz

Campaign Austerlitz continues the fine tradition of excellence found in all of the titles in HPS’s Napoleonic Campaign series.


Early American Battles - Campaign 1776

Campaign 1776: The American Revolution is a tactical / operational level game covering the major battles of the American Revolution from the first clashes at Concord and Lexington to the Siege of Yorktown.


Early American Battles - The War of 1812

The War of 1812 is a tactical/operational level game covering the major battles of the War of 1812 from the pre-war Battle of Tippecanoe to the post-war Battle of New Orleans.


Musket and Pike - The Renaissance

Renaissance covers a fascinating century of warfare, from the close of the Medieval era to the eve of the Thirty Years War.


First World War Campaigns - France '14

France '14 is the first title in a new series entitled First World War Campaigns. This series attempts something that has never been attempted before: to cover all the major campaigns of World War One, with units going down to battalion level.


Squad Battles - The Proud and the Few

40 scenarios covering the entire Pacific Theater in World War II involving the US Marine Corps.



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