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Musket and Pike - The Renaissance

Renaissance covers a fascinating century of warfare, from the close of the Medieval era to the eve of the Thirty Years War.


First World War Campaigns - France '14

France '14 is the first title in a new series entitled First World War Campaigns. This series attempts something that has never been attempted before: to cover all the major campaigns of World War One, with units going down to battalion level.


Squad Battles - The Proud and the Few

40 scenarios covering the entire Pacific Theater in World War II involving the US Marine Corps.


Squad Battles - Tour of Duty

Tour of Duty is the second game in the Squad Battles Series and continues from the original game Squad Battles Vietnam.


Squad Battles - Vietnam

Squad Battles: Vietnam is a turn-based game at the squad-level using 40 meter hexes and 5 minute turns.


Squad Battles - Red Victory

Red Victory is the long awaited sequel to Advance of the Reich, published over seven years ago. It is a tactical level computer wargame with scenarios ranging over the entire Eastern Front, 1943-45.


Squad Battles - Spanish Civil War

Squad Battles: Spanish Civil War gives you the opportunity to command the forces involved fighting in the streets of Madrid and the countryside of Alto de Leon or Somosierra Pass.


Days of Decision II

Days of Decision II is a strategic level game about the politics and conflicts that created the Second World War. The period covered is 1936-46, and the players can make (or choose not to make) many of the decisions that led to the war.


Fight for the Sky

Fight for the Sky is a Battle of Britain game that covers the epic struggle over South East England from August 11th to 18th, 1940.

War and Peace

From the autumn of 1805 through the climactic summer of 1815, the entire 10 year conflict between France, England, Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Spain, is re-created in 10 separate scenarios.



Dragonhunt is a game for two to six players. Each player portrays one of the valiant Hero Kings of Arawan.


The Rise and Decline of the Third Reich

Rise and Decline of the Third Reich is a realistic simulation of the grand strategic situation as it existed in Europe during WWII.


The China War : Sino-Soviet Conflict in the 1980s

The China War: Sino-Soviet Conflict in the 1980s, is an operational-level simulation of the (then) current military situation in Asia.


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