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Advanced Squad Leader has set the standard in tactical combat gaming since its 1985 debut. A thriving community of ASL players extends throughout the world.

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Advanced Squad Leader has set the standard in tactical combat gaming since its 1985 debut. A thriving community of ASL players extends throughout the world. No other game matches its flexibility, scope, and challenge. Players can simulate nearly any battle in any theater up to the battalion level. Maneuver 10-man squads, five-man half squads, and individual leaders and vehicles across a combination of over 50 geomorphic map boards or fight a campaign game on one of several highly detailed campaign game map sheets.

Éditions d’origine. Jeux d’occasion, ayant déjà servi, la boîte de base et les cinq modules sont en bon état, casiers et classeurs de rangements inclus. Fourni avec dés et mètre ruban jaune.


Certaines planches de pions de l’extension Paratroopers sont intactes (unpunched).

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Titres des jeux et années d’édition

Chaque élément du lot est issu de la première édition du jeu, parue chez Avalon Hill.

  • ASL Rules (1985)
  • Beyond Valor (1985)
  • Paratroopers (1986)
  • Yanks (1987)
  • Partisans (1987)
  • West of El-Alamein (1988)

Description des modules

Beyond Valor

Beyond Valor is the first, and most important, of the Advanced Squad Leader modules. BV contains the German and Russian orders of battle from 1939-1945 as well as three different squad-types of Finnish troops. Additionally, the module contains the necessary markers and fortifications required by the ASL Series.


PARATROOPER is the second module in the ASL series, which means it is not a complete game unto itself. Players will need boards 1-4 of SQUAD LEADER and the ASL rules to play all eight scenarios included herein. However, all other components necessary to play the game are enclosed-absolutely no other purchase is necessary.

PARATROOPER has been specially designed as an Introductory Module for those SQUAD LEADER players contemplating a switch to ASL to provide an inexpensive medium for them to sample the rich delights of the ASL game system without requiring the purchase of the full Russian/German OB found only in the first ASL Module: BEYOND VALOR. Yet, the countermix in PARATROOPER serves as a supplement to the BEYOND VALOR components, rather than an unneeded duplication of those counters should the player decide to expand his ASL collection.


An extensive U.S. Army countermix is presented so that you can command every major vehicle, weapon and troop type that saw action in the European Theater


This is PARTISAN! – the fourth ASL module. The eight scenarios contained herein focus on historical World War II battle situations involving the Resistance forces of various countries vs. the German and Axis Minor troops occupying their lands. PARTISAN! will challenge your abilities in basic infantry combat as you maneuver and fire your squads, leaders and supporting weapons in scenarios whose forces run the gamut from elite Germans to poorly equipped but highly-motivated freedom fighters, to low-grade occupation troops. Experience – as only ASL can let you – the vicious, no-quarter ambushes, surprise raids and set-piece assaults that characterized guerilla warfare in the cities, forests and mountains of Europe. Regardless of your preferences (including solitaire play), if you’re an ASL infantry-grognard you’re bound to find something pleasing in the wide assortment of PARTISAN! scenarios, which range from the large, high-piece-density type to the small, quick setup kind. One is even “three-dimensional”, with most of the action occurring underground, using separate boards for the above and below-ground levels.

West of Alamein

This is WEST OF ALAMEIN the long-awaited British addition to the ASL system. As the title implies, it focuses on battles between the British 8th Army and Deutsches Afrika Korps in the North African desert in 1941-43.

WEST OF ALAMEIN contains the entire British order of battle, including all U.S. Lend-Lease vehicles, ordnance and support weapons, thus enabling you to command every major vehicle, gun and troop type used by British and/or Commonwealth forces in every theater throughout the war.

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