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Naval Campaigns - Jutland

Jutland is a tactical battle simulation which models individual ships and capabilities.


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"When the German fleet ran for home, on the night of May 31, it seems to have
scattered... in a general sauve qui peut, while the Devil, lively represented by our destroyers, took the hindmost. Our flotillas were strung out far and wide on this job. One man compared it to hounds hunting half a hundred separate foxes."
--Rudyard Kipling in reports to the London Daily Telegraph


HPS Simulations and John Tiller are proud to announce the release of Naval Campaigns 1: Jutland.

This first installment of the Naval Campaigns series features a REALTIME game engine that allows the player to play against the computer or against another player (or players) online. Jutland is a tactical battle simulation which models individual ships and capabilities.

Play On-Line with Fog Of War

When playing on-line, players are assigned separate forces and their knowledge of what other forces on their side are doing is limited by the visibility of their own ships. In this enhanced Fog-of-War feature, two players commanding the Main Fleet and Battlecruiser Fleet for example, would be unaware of the exact location of each others' forces unless their ships could see each other.


Twelve scenarios include the full battle of Jutland, smaller scenarios of different times of the battle, and an alternative history battle of Jutland. Bonus scenarios of Heligoland and Dogger Bank are also included.


"In that flotilla alone there was every variety of fight, from the ordered attacks of squadrons under control, to single ship affairs, every turn of which depended on the second's decision of the men concerned; endurance to the hopeless end; bluff and cunning; reckless advance and redhot flight; clear vision and as much of blank bewilderment as the Senior Service permits its children to indulge in. That is not much."



  • Features include armor belts, mines, torpedoes, smoke laying, and visibility effects.
  • A scenario editor is also included with the game;
    The scenario editor allows new scenarios to be constructed from the provided ship database and existing scenarios to be modified.
  • Both the main program and scenario editor can read in a situation chart in Windows BMP format and display that chart on the screen overlaid with the position of the ships in the battle. ( This allows new scenarios to be created from historical situation charts and allows players to compare the outcome of their battles with the historical result. Eight historical situation charts from the Battle of Jutland are included with the game allowing the player to trace the flow of the battle from first encounter to the beginning of the night time chase.)
  • Complete on-line Help documentation plus on-line printable documentation in Microsoft Word format.


"If lost hounds could speak when they cast up next day, after an unchecked night among the wild life of the dark, they would talk much as our destroyers do."

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