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Panzer Campaigns - Bulge '44

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Bulge ’44 covers the classic German final offensives, Operations Wacht am Rhein (“Watch on the Rhein”) and Herbstnebel (“Autumn Fog”) in the West.


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HPS Simulations and John Tiller are proud to announce the release of Bulge '44, an operational level World War II simulation. Bulge '44 covers the classic German final offensives, Operations Wacht am Rhein ("Watch on the Rhein") and Herbstnebel ("Autumn Fog") in the West in the attempt to drive a wedge between the Allied Armies and push on to Antwerp.


"All I had to do was cross the river, capture Brussels, and then go on to take the port of Antwerp. The snow was waist-deep and there wasn't room to deploy four tanks abreast, let alone six Panzer divisions. It didn't get light till eight and was dark again at four and my tanks can't fight at night. And all this at Christmas time!"
--Obgfhr. J. Dietrich


Bulge '44 features :

- 1 km hexes, 2 hour turns, with a master map measuring approximately 170 by 100 kilometers. Over 2,700 units represent the German 5th Panzer, 6th Panzer, and 7th Armies and the Allied forces, mainly at battalion and company level.

- Players control tank, reconnaissance, artillery, infantry, parachute, engineer, antitank, flak, rocket, headquarters, and a wide variety of other specialized units.

- Over 20 historically based scenarios are included, with several "what-if" scenarios as well. The grand historical scenarios last 162 turns (to 2 January 1945).


"Soldiers of the West Front, your great hour has struck. Everything is at stake!"
--GenFm R.G. von Rundstedt


- Bulge '44 can be viewed and played in either 2-d or 3-d mode.

- Supports single person play against the computer, two-person hot-seat, two-person Play-By-E-Mail, and multiplayer network play over LANs and the Internet.

- Comes with Main Program, full-featured Scenario Editor, and Order of Battle Editor.

- Complete on-line Help documentation plus on-line printable documentation in Microsoft Word format.


"We can still lose this war."
--Lt.Gen. G.S. Patton


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