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Panzer Campaigns - Tobruk '41

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Tobruk ’41 covers Rommel’s Afrika Korps and the fight for Tobruk against the British 8th Army.


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HPS Simulations and John Tiller are proud to announce the release of Tobruk '41, an operational level World War II simulation. Tobruk '41 covers Rommel's Afrika Korps and the fight for Tobruk against the British 8th Army. The game includes operations Battleaxe and Crusader as well as the attacks on Tobruk itself.

Tobruk '41 features:

- 1 km hexes, 2 hour turns, with a master map measuring over 160 by 110 kilometers. Over 1000 units represent the Afrika Korps and the British Eighth Army, mainly at battalion and company level.

- Players control tank, reconnaissance, artillery, infantry, parachute, engineer, antitank, flak, rocket, headquarters, and a wide variety of other specialized units.

- Scenarios range from a series of 51 starter and intermediate historical scenarios, and 7 different campaign scenarios.

- Tobruk '41 can be viewed and played in either 2d or 3d mode.

- Supports single person play against the computer, two-person hot-seat, two-person Play-By-E-Mail, and multiplayer network play over LANs and the Internet.

- Comes with Main Program, full-featured Scenario Editor, and Order of Battle Editor.

- Complete on-line Help documentation plus on-line printable documentation in Microsoft Word format.


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