Builders of Greece : aperçu du gameplay

En bref. Les travaux semblent bien avancer pour ce futur jeu de construction allant permettre de récréer, à partir de rien ou presque, les cités de l’âge d’or de la Grèce antique. Une phase d’essai privée vient de débuter, une démo devrait prochainement arriver, et pour patienter, voici une courte vidéo de gameplay.

A noter que la “série” dite “Builders of” doit toujours voir arriver un volet sur le thème de l’Égypte, Builders of Egypt, en chantier depuis plusieurs années et pour lequel une démo est disponible, et a aussi en projet un autre volet intitulé Builders of China.

Pour plus d’informations sur Builders of Greece, qui pourrait s’ériger sur nos écrans vers le troisième trimestre de cette année, voyez cette fiche sur Steam et cette page sur le site du studio.


Ancien trailer de Builders of Egypt (début 2022)


Builders of Greece Playtest is now Live!
Take part in the Playtest and try your hand as an Ancient Greek ruler

Greetings Builders!

Today is the day, everyone! From now on, you have a unique chance to take on the role of a mighty ancient ruler and shape the fate of your very own city and its inhabitants. As you know, over the last few weeks, you have had the opportunity to sign up for the list of players willing to take part in our Playtest… and you know what? Your enthusiasm blew us away!

The number of players who signed up for this event exceeded our expectations.
That really means a lot! Of course, we couldn’t just leave your engagement unanswered! That being said, we will try to grant Playtest access to as wide a group of testers as possible (much wider than we originally assumed), meaning you have a fairly good chance to be selected! But the good news doesn’t stop there – the Playtest will be soon followed by a Demo!

Stay tuned, stay hyped, and keep an eye out for more news on this topic!

If the “PLAY” option is not available through your web browser, try installing the game through your Steam app library!

Check out the brand-new Demo Launch Gameplay Trailer!

To celebrate the start of the Playtest, we have prepared one more surprise for you. The very first Builders of Greece Gameplay Trailer! ?? Sit back, get comfy, and keep your eyes wide open, as we are about to visit the most interesting corners of your city! Enjoy some breathtaking views, discover what the everyday life of your subjects looks like, and fight glorious wars against enemy empires!

We wish you a great time with Builders of Greece Playtest!

Please note, that though the Playtest is one hundred percent playable, it is still an early version of the game. All the mechanics, features, graphics, and optimization are subject to change. Not to mention, that the full version will offer many, many more buildings, events, systems, core mechanics, and possibilities. The main purpose of the Playtest is to introduce you to the world of Builders of Greece and give you the opportunity to express your opinion about it.

This is why we strongly encourage our testers to share their opinions via the feedback form available after completing the Playtest. We can’t stress enough how important it is. Only with your help will we be able to make Builders of Greece even more fun and amazing.

Aight! Now you are ready to embark on this amazing adventure. Roll up your sleeves, put on your crown, and get to work, Builders!


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