C3i 35

Après plusieurs soucis et retards de production, bonne nouvelle, le nouveau numéro de C3i est enfin prêt. Au sommaire, plus de 60 pages d’articles sur des jeux aux thèmes variés (ex : Atlantic Chase, Flying Colors, Kontact Now: Red Eclipse, Normandy ’44, Kursk), puis en prime Burma: The Forgotten War, 1943-1944, wargame dans la lignée de Empire of the Sun et pouvant servir de compagnon à South Pacific paru lui dans le numéro 30 de C3i.

Pour plus d’informations sur le magazine, prévu pour ce printemps et donc pour l’instant disponible uniquement en précommande, voyez cette fiche dans la boutique officielle.


C3i 35 C3i 35C3i 35 - Burma


C3i Magazine Nr 35 Now Available!


It’s been a long time coming, but issue Nr 35 is finally in hand! For those of you who aren’t familiar, we have been battling incessant delays and problems related to production as well as shipping and delivery of all the parts that make up an issue of C3i Magazine. The price for everything across the board has skyrocketed, and obviously we were directly affected by massive delays related to receiving components from China. This has all meant that, what should have been a Christmas 2021 release of C3i, has been pushed to a Spring 2022 release.

Now for the good stuff—in this new issue of C3i, Mark Herman has blessed us with a new installment in the Empire of the Sun series with Burma: The Forgotten War, 1943-1944. Using the same system as EotS and a companion game to C3i Nr 30’s South Pacific, Burma will take you into the jaws of the jungles as the Japanese rumble through Allied territories. Can you stop them from choking out this corner of the Pacific Theater, or will you assert their dominance?

Inside this issue, not mentioning the rulebook for Burma and the many inserts, you will find juicy articles about a wide variety of games, including Atlantic Chase, Flying Colors, Kontact Now: Red Eclipse, Normandy ’44, and more! Trevor Bender has also taken a look back at Nr 34’s Battle for Kursk and has a few ideas on how you can beat your buddy (or yourself!) the next time you get to the table.

Speaking of playing with friends, we have a really exciting announcement to make… we have created a Discord server for C3i Magazine! For most of you, this no doubt elicits a “What the heck is a Discord?” To put it simply, imagine smashing an online discussion forum, a collection of Zoom rooms to talk with friends, a video streaming platform to show your virtual or physical tabletop boardgaming live, all together in one space. We hope to bring the C3i readership together to play and socialize through Discord, all you need is to download the application and create a free account to join the fun!

We have also rolled out a new version of the C3i Ops Center, which should make things a little easier to navigate for you, and allow us to expand what the website can offer down the road. Feedback is always appreciated, so let us know what you think by shooting us an email, or bringing it up as a topic of discussion on our Discord.

C3i 35 is currently only available for pre-order on the C3i Ops Center–Amazon will not be receiving Nr 35 for a few weeks yet. Come by the RBM Studio Store to grab your copy!


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