C3i 36

RBM Studio a confirmé en cette fin de semaine que le nouveau numéro de C3i est disponible. Au sommaire, une bonne soixantaine de pages avec des articles sur thèmes et des jeux variés (ex : Twilight Struggle – Red Sea, Pacific War), puis en prime Desert Victory: North Africa, 1940-1942, second volet de la série C3i Combined Arms entamée dans le numéro 34 avec Battle for Kursk.

Pour plus d’informations sur le magazine, voyez cette fiche dans la boutique officielle.


C3i Magazine Nr 36 C3i Magazine Nr 36 - Table of contentsC3i Magazine Nr 36 - Desert Victory - North Africa 1940-42


NOW SHIPPING C3i Magazine Nr 36!


It’s Official — C3i Nr 36 is finally Shipping! Thanks so much to our early supporters, we’re sending out pre-orders TODAY and will be cranking out packages as fast as possible to catch up with our serious backlog! We appreciate everyone’s patience as we grind hard to label and ship all of your orders.

We’re also happy to announce an Official Strategy Guide for C3i Magazine Nr 34’s Waterloo Campaign, approved by game designer Mark Herman in the form of a C3i eBook written by our friend Domenico Licheri. This is a 2-parter, it includes two distinct meditations on Mark Herman’s original masterpiece design for RBM Studio in our C3i Series, Volume II. All of this for only $4.99 is a great deal, enjoy!

We’re also going to be shipping to Amazon and our retailer partners very soon, stay tuned to our social media, including Discord, to get all the latest!


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