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En bref. JTS annonce la sortie cette semaine du treizième volet de la série Napoleonic Battles, qui se consacre ici à la campagne de Pologne qui eut lieu entre 1806 et 1807. Ce que le jeu retranscrit au travers de plus de deux cent scénarios.

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Fix Bayonets! Form Square!

John Tiller Software is pleased to announce the release of the thirteenth title in the Napoleonic Battles series – Campaign Eylau-Friedland! This title recreates the battles of the campaign in Poland of 1806-07. These were fought initially in the frozen countryside of Poland and East Prussia during the winter months of December through February and in the spring of 1807 at the end of which the French and their allies emerged victorious. Now you can take control of either the French or Allied armies and refight the famous battles which decided the fate of the Fourth Coalition and brought about the birth of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw and saw the Allies foiled once again by Napoleon.


Twenty-two battles and over two-hundred and twenty scenarios, to include the battles of Eylau, Friedland, Heilsberg, Guttstadt, 1st and 2nd Ostroleka and Mohrungen
Tutorial scenario that helps the player learn the game system.
A wide range of scenarios which allow the players to command an entire army or just a few brigades.
A select group of campaign scenarios available for play as stand alone battles.
Bonus battles that add in forces that were not used in the campaign or standard scenarios.


The 1806 Winter Campaign – Includes the Battles of Pultusk and Golymin.
The 1807 Winter Campaign – Includes the Battle of Eylau.
The 1807 Spring Campaign – Includes the Battles of Heilsberg and Friedland.
The full 1806-07 Campaign – Covers the entire campaign in Poland.

For further details & screen shots visit the product page:

CWB Goodness as well!

It’s been a good week for horse & musket era fans here at JTS. In addition to our new game, we have just finished releasing SIX more updates for the Civil War Battles games. The titles are:

Atlanta – Chickamauga – Corinth – Ozark – Shiloh – Vicksburg

If you purchased these games directly through the JTS site, or received a JTS version download when you requested serial numbers, then all you need to do is apply the updates off our site, found here –
Details on updating:

For those who do not already have a JTS version of the games, the below applies to you.

If you purchased through HPS or some other reseller and have received serial numbers for the games (but not full game download links) then write me at the Support account and I will send you links for full new installers of the games if you wish. Please mention you already have your serial numbers! :-)

If you purchased through HPS or some other reseller and have not received a serial number write me at the Support account and request them. If you bought direct from HPS I will be able to find you in that database. If not then you will either need to submit a picture of your games or an electronic receipt from your purchase. Also, note that a single picture of your games is much better than a bunch of pictures for each game…a sample image is below.

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