Chaos Reborn renaît sur iOS et Android

En bref. Financé via Kickstarter au printemps 2014, puis arrivé sur Steam fin 2015, et reprenant le principe d’un des premiers jeux de Jullian Gollop, à qui l’on doit l’incontournable X-com premier du nom, et qui reviendra d’ailleurs sur nos écrans l’année prochaine a priori avec la prometteuse suite intitulée Phoenix Point, voici qu’est disponible depuis la fin de l’été une version pour mobiles de Chaos Reborn.

Pour plus d’informations sur Chaos Reborn – Adventures voyez cette page sur iTunes ou celle-ci sur Google Play, ou encore cette fiche chez l’éditeur.



Big Blue Bubble Releases Mobile Strategy Game Chaos Reborn: Adventures Worldwide

LONDON, ON. September 12, 2018 — Mobile game company Big Blue Bubble has released the new turn-based strategy game Chaos Reborn: Adventures worldwide on Android and iOS. Chaos Reborn: Adventures is the latest installation in the critically-acclaimed Chaos franchise, developed by the creator of X-COM. The game brings all of the features of the celebrated Kickstarter Steam title Chaos Reborn to mobile for on-the-go tactical combat.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures has players take control of a powerful wizard as they harness a wide array of spells, weapons, and mythical creatures in strategic turn-based combat. In addition to a robust single-player narrative campaign, Chaos Reborn: Adventures features a challenging multiplayer mode where players can compete against their peers in battle to determine who reigns supreme.

Founder and CEO of Big Blue Bubble Damir Slogar recalls fond memories playing the original game. “I first played Julian Gollop’s Chaos back in 1985 on my ZX Spectrum, so it’s great to be releasing the latest installment of the franchise,” said Slogar. “For me, it’s the nostalgia factor of my first time playing Chaos to now bringing a more visually and technically advanced version of the game to the mobile platform, which is something I think others will also enjoy and appreciate.”

Chaos Reborn: Adventures sets itself apart from competitors in the strategy game genre. The game integrates the tactical positioning of chess, the bluff of poker, and an element of chance into its unique combat system to create a one-of-a-kind mobile gaming experience.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play for $9.99.

About Snapshot Games

Snapshot Games was founded in 2013 by Julian Gollop and David Kaye with the objective of developing video games in the tradition of Julian Gollop’s earlier titles with modern, high quality presentation and design. The company’s first title was Chaos Reborn, a sequel to the classic Chaos game first published in 1985. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April 2014 and published in October 2015. Learn more at

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Big Blue Bubble is an established mobile gaming company with more than a decade of experience creating fun, innovative, and accessible titles. With over 100 titles to date, Big Blue Bubble maintains a proven track record of being the first to market with a variety of innovations in technology and game design, solidifying the company as a long-standing industry veteran. Big Blue Bubble’s commitment to producing fun, engaging games has earned the studio recognition from prestigious organizations around the world. Big Blue Bubble continues to produce award-winning titles that stand the test of time, including their top-grossing flagship franchise, My Singing Monsters. Learn more at