Cities Skylines – After Dark est sorti

Paradox diffuse une nouvelle bande-annonce à l’occasion de la sortie hier d’After Dark, la première importante extension de Cities Skylines, une des très bonne surprise de cette année et désormais la nouvelle référence en terme de City-builder sur PC. A noter que ce DLC est aussi accompagné d’un patch offrant gratuitement différentes améliorations du moteur. Voyez cette brève et ce changelog pour plus de précisions à ce sujet. Notez aussi que selon les mods que vous utilisez parmi les 57 000 disponibles, vous pourrez avoir inévitablement quelques soucis d’incompatibilités, ce que les auteurs de ces modifications devraient toutefois corriger assez rapidement.

Pour plus d’informations sur cette extension, dont nous vous reparlerons en détails prochainement, voyez le communiqué ci-après puis cette fiche chez Paradox. ou celle-ci sur Steam.


Cities: Skylines Cuts the Ribbon on its First Expansion
After Dark is Available Today, Tonight, and Beyond

STOCKHOLM — Sep. 24, 2015 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games that are playable at all hours, today released “After Dark,” the first expansion for the smash hit city-building game Cities: Skylines from Colossal Order. Available today for PC, Mac, and Linux, After Dark adds a broad variety of game-changing features to Cities: Skylines, focused primarily on the way in-game cities will behave during the game’s new day-and-night cycle. In addition, all players of Cities: Skylines will receive the new day-and-night cycle as an update to their game today, whether they have purchased After Dark or not. After Dark is available for $14.99 from digital retailers everywhere, including our webshop!

In After Dark, players of Cities: Skylines will meet all-new challenges in planning, maintaining, and expanding their cities, as they discover the unique needs and quirks of the populace after the sun goes down. In-game citizens will seek out entertainment and leisure once the work day is over, while the criminal element will also become more active, requiring new strategies and solutions for a city’s services, traffic, and tourism. After Dark includes:

Take a Tour: New tourism specializations will add high-rise hotels and other attractions for out-of-town visitors, including beach facilities if placed near the water
Share the Roads: New bus lanes and bicycle lanes allow cities to take advantage of alternate transportation options; new taxi system helps ferry tourists around town
Sunset Services: City services can be scheduled during different times on the day-and-night cycle, allowing for trash pickup at night and more public transit during the day
A Night Out after Lights Out: New nighttime leisure districts can be designated, leading to the arrival of nightclubs, bowling alleys, karaoke bars, and more
Fighting Crime and Doing Time: An increase in criminal activity at night will lead to new police activity, while new prisons can be built to contain miscreants

There’s also a large free update being released for Cities: Skylines today, you can check out the full patch notes on our forum:

For more information on Cities: Skylines, visit


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