City of Gangsters : nouveaux trailers

Après trois années de distillation, Somasim confirme que son nouveau cocktail sur le thème de la gestion d’un syndicat du crime durant la Prohibition, est prêt à être servi. A vous de déterminer comment vous développer au mieux dans le marché noir et le cadre nocturne des bars clandestins des années 20, étoffer votre réseau d’influence, trouver de nouveaux employés, et jouer au chat et à la souris avec, au choix, les bandes rivales ou la police, locale et fédérale.

City of Gangsters - Deluxe editionLe tout se jouant sur des cartes très soignées, qui représentent le plus fidèlement possible différentes grandes villes américaines de cette époque. Probablement une des bonnes surprises vidéoludiques de l’été.

Pour plus d’informations sur City of Gangsters, voyez cette page sur Steamcelle-ci chez l’éditeur, ou encore le blog du studio.



City of Gangsters – Now Available to Play on PC!

Alright folks this ain’t a drill – City of Gangsters is now live and ready for you to play!

Step into 1920s prohibition and see if you’ve got what it takes to rise to the top of your very own booze-smuggling empire! Manage production chains, identify resources, smuggle goods and most importantly – keep the city’s thirstiest clientele well stocked!

It ain’t gonna be a walk in the park though! You’ll have to contend with rival gangs trying to hustle in on your turf, nosy cops shutting down operations, and hooligans causing trouble all over town. You better muscle up and call in some favors, cause this city ain’t gonna take over itself!

Truly successful gangsters will have to play it smart though. Will you take the diplomatic route – cashing in favors with your pals and bribing police? Or will you be heavy-handed? Blackmailing businesses and letting your fists do the talking…

Each map has its own unique geography. Discover unique resources to exploit, skills to learn and gameplay mechanics to unravel. You’ll have a choice from the following cities:

– Chicago
– Pittsburgh
– Detroit

Fancy getting your hands on the Cincinnati map, along with a tonne of juicy extras? Purchase the Deluxe Edition today [LINK] and you explore new resources, additional missions, extra crew skills and more!

Well, what are you waiting for? There’s booze to smuggle and money to be made!

Don’t forget to pay your respects to the bosses over in our clandestine Speakeasy on Discord and say hello to your fellow partners in crime! You can also head over to Twitter to share some snaps of your growing criminal empires!

We can’t wait to welcome you all to the family!