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En bref. Seconde nouveauté intéressante cet automne chez JTS pour les amateurs de cette série sur les principales batailles de la guerre de Sécession, voici un quatorzième volet détaillant les campagnes de 1862 et 1864 en Virginie pour la prise de Richmond, la capitale sudiste. Simulation avec de très nombreux scénarios, pas moins de 174, et quatre campagnes, le tout bénéficiant entre autres de graphismes améliorés.

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Civil War Battles – Campaign Shenandoah Released!

Hi Everyone,

This has a been a big week for us with the release of several titles. We are excited to introduce Rich Walker’s latest opus; Campaign Shenandoah. Of all the titles released to date, we have been regularly asked where the Valley Campaigns are – well, finally they’re here.

Rich Walker the games designer eloquently described this new title with the following passages in the Designer notes;

“Campaign Shenandoah was a project originally begun by Doug Strickler several years ago. Previous to that, Doug designed Campaign Gettysburg, and created most of the maps for Campaigns Antietam, Overland and Petersburg. As the master map maker for Campaign Shenandoah, his first step was to build a map that would eventually encompass the whole of the Shenandoah Valley. As you will see later, after I present his mapping design notes, you will see just how detailed this task would become. At his passing, Doug was about 90% done with his master map. Some 6 months before, Doug and I, and with the consent of John Tiller, began our collaboration to complete the project. During that time, Doug continued to work on the master map, while I put together the OOBs and outlined the battles that would be included in the finished game. Doug passed away before the project was completed, but I am proud to say that Campaign Shenandoah, now complete, is dedicated to his memory.

Campaign Shenandoah will be my 8th, and now definitely final game in the series. Like a boxer that missed the thrill of fighting, I came out of a very brief retirement to finish, what I believe, is a very special game. Or, what I prefer to call, an historical simulator. And unlike the other games in the series, two campaigns are represented. First, the Jackson Campaign of 1862, and second, the Valley Campaign of 1864. Both were Confederate efforts to save the all-important “Breadbasket” of the South and divert Union attention from their respective attempts to capture the Southern capital city of Richmond. It’s ironic that in the 1864 Campaign, with Richmond under siege, the Union capital of Washington D.C. was itself nearly captured by Jubal Early during the Battle of Fort Stevens. Only the heat of July, and a 24-hour delay saved the city. More on that later as you explore Campaign Shenandoah!

Like my other games, Campaign Shenandoah includes hundreds of both historical, and what-if scenarios. Both with weather and non-weather effects. Additionally, there are dozens of scenarios that are specially designed to give players a particularly challenging experience when playing against the A/I. And no, the A/I doesn’t cheat. And don’t forget the many campaigns that are available. More of these are including then in any other I have designed. My farewell gift to you!

BTW, I mentioned weather. Some have asked, why have non-weather scenarios? Well, the answer is simple. When I started game designing in the late 90’s, after John Tiller invited me to take on Campaign Franklin, the ability of using weather, as a game featured, had not yet been developed. So, as a nod to those early days, I like to make sure that old timers like myself, can play each scenario just as they were able to play them when the series began. And I’ll tell you a secret, I prefer playing without weather. After all, imagine Pickett’s charge advancing during a heavy downpour of thunder and rain. On the other hand, Pickett and his men, might have been better off with a weather downpour, than with the downpour of lead and fire they actually received. Alas, we will never know, and perhaps that’s as it should be!

And finally, Campaign Shenandoah continues with all the cool enhancements you have enjoyed since the release of Campaign Petersburg, and all the upgrades to all the other games in the series that followed. These upgrades were made possible through the John Tiller Software collaboration with WDS, led by David Freer, and the programing talents of Robert “Berto” Osterlund. Also, and certainly the most visual enhancements are those provided by Frank Mullins, and his “Old Banshee” team that worked on all the 3D maps, and most of the other artworks you will see.”

Featured in game are the following;


– 174 scenarios are included, and all can be played as either side, against the A/I or other human challengers.
– Each major battle has three versions, 1) the standard, for playing head to head, especially PBEM and Hotseat. 2) Weather, for playing when Mother Nature is unpredictable, and 3) A/I, for playing against the computer. NOTE; all scenarios can be played against the A/I, but these scenarios are designed specifically for, and will provide a greater challenge for those familiar with this game system.
– Most scenarios can be played against the A/I in a single day, yet others may take several days to complete, or even weeks. Just save, and continue later at your own pace.
For more fun, challenge another human, and play either face to face, or PBEM (Play by email)
– Battles include: Kernstown, McDowell, Winchester, Cross Keys, Port Republic, New Market, Piedmont, Lynchburg, Monocacy, the siege of Fort Stevens, Cool Springs, Berryville, and the climactic battle of Cedar Creek.
– 4 campaigns are included. Each can be played with or without the added hardships of weather. Weather can be anything from a mild mist and fog, to muddy roads and torrential thunderstorms.

Features and Enhancements

 -A total graphics package:
3D hand drawn maps, 3D units, with individualized regimental flags.
Colorized leaders and unit files.
Traditional B/W unit, and leaders are also an option.
Improved 2D road graphics
– Scenario and Campaign editor: Build new, or improve existing battles and campaigns.
– Many “What If” battles and maps, both large and small. Including the massive Shenandoah Master map.
– Extreme Fog of War optional rule.
– Objective hexes are now awarded points for each side. The number of points that can be earned are determined by length of time controlled, and its strategic importance for each combatant. Therefore, earned points are not equally distributed.
– A true, large (4X) 2D map view.

With the release of Campaign Shenandoah, all the major campaigns and battles of the American Civil War have been covered by John Tiller Software and enhanced by Wargame Design Studio. We have been excited to bring this series to you and continue to provide new features, graphics and other enhancements to this superlative series.

Here are a range of screenshots showing various aspects of the game, scenarios and included campaigns.

3D shots at various zoom levels

Two images showing the black and white and coloured unit cards;

2D shots at various zoom levels;

A range of shots from two of the included campaigns;

Thank you all, we hope you enjoy this latest Civil War Battles game.

You can get the game now from John Tiller Software on this link; JTS Shop

The dedicated product page is here; Product Page


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