Civil War, prochain DLC pour Railroad Corporation

Voici une petite extension originale pour ce jeu de création et gestion d’empires ferroviaires, DLC qui ajoutera la possibilité de jouer une campagne se déroulant en pleine guerre de sécession.Le but étant de recruter et acheminer des troupes dans certaines villes, pour les capturer, puis de produire certaines ressources spéciales, poudre à canon et uniformes, à expédier sur le front évidemment.

Add-on qui devait paraitre jeudi dernier, comme indiqué dans le trailer en en-tête, mais qui a été retardé au dernier moment du fait des évènements récents aux USA.

En attendant les développeurs pourront peut-être en profiter pour continuer de patcher leur jeu, un utile patch fin mai ayant amélioré pas mal de choses (voir ce changelog), et même ajouté une carte multijoueur (Battle of Fredericksburg). Mise à jour toutefois rapidement suivie début juin par un correctif d’urgence pour ajuster divers points.

Pour plus d’informations sur Railroad Corporation – Civil War, dont la sortie est donc reportée à on ne sait quand, voyez cette page sur Steam. Concernant Railroad Corporation, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur.



Regarding the release date of our upcoming DLC

In light of the ongoing situation in America, we have made the decision to postpone our upcoming DLC for Railroad Corporation.

We were excited for the announced release on Thursday (June 4th), but it is clear to us that now would be a tone-deaf moment to promote and publish a product explicitly concerning conflict in America, even if historical.

We hope you will understand and stay safe.


New DLC for Train Tycoon Sim Railroad Corporation: Civil War on June 4th

Indie publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Corbie Games are excited to announce a June 4th release date for the next Railroad Corporation DLC – Civil War.

Railroad Corporation: Civil War introduces a brand new campaign of five missions that take place during the American Civil War in the 1860’s. Test your reliability as a partner for the Union or Confederate armies. Grow your organization amidst the chaos and be prepared to make enemies, as no one can remain neutral for ever.

Check out the trailer below

“Railroads were the foundation upon which modern warfare was built. During the American Civil War, trains could provide supplies, weapons and soldiers to where armies were camped. As a result, the railway became the stage on which campaigns were waged and battles were fought. Understanding the network became key to managing operations and informing tactical decisions – so it was a natural setting for the next chapter of Railroad Corporation.”
– Yurij Ischuk, CEO at Corbie Games.


– A brand new campaign that includes five new missions
– Capture cities by transporting troops to them
– Build recruitment offices and increase soldier spawning
– Run geo-research and find natural resources
– Produce special mortar carriages and deliver them to the front line
– Produce gunpowder and soldiers uniforms and transport them to army camps
– Seven new buildings and seven new commodities to produce and trade
– Choose a side for the final battle

About Railroad Corporation

Relive the pioneering spirit of the Golden Age of Steam by establishing your own railroad empire across 19th century North America. Race against time to bring settlements together, produce and trade goods and develop new technologies.

Embark on your dream career and earn your fortune in the New World. Work to fulfil contracts and complete missions based on historic rail networks across the United States. Lay down tracks, dig tunnels and raise bridges to connect settlements big and small, old and new. Strategy and forward planning are essential to make the best deals – so you’ll need to be across every aspect of your organisation. Control and combine resources, establish new industries and even lobby politicians to change the law of the land.

Key Features:

– Establish a profitable Railroad Corporation in the Golden Age of Steam
– Engage in political lobbying and research new technologies
– Expand your operations with new departments, recruit employees and manage business loans
– Buy, control and maintain historically accurate locomotives and rolling stock.


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