CMSF : promo sur PC et version Mac

Voilà deux bonnes nouvelles pour les amateurs de guerre moderne en 3D. D’une part le très bon Combat Mission Shock Force voit son prix baisser, une aubaine pour le jeu de base qui passe à 15 $ ou à 25$ en bundle avec le quasi indispensable add-on Marines. Et d’autre part la version intégrale du jeu, soit CMSF et ses trois extensions, sera aussi disponible sur Mac dans quelques semaines. Voyez le communiqué ci-dessous pour plus de détails, et cette page chez Battlefront pour une présentation complète du jeu et des différents tarifs.

Combat Mission: Shock Force is the critically acclaimed tactical ground combat simulation of realistic modern 21st century warfare. Like no other game before (or since), it allows you to simulate the full spectrum of modern ground warfare in full 3D, in both real-time or turn-based play, solo or head-to-head against internet, Email or LAN opponents. First released in 2007 for Windows PCs, Combat Mission: Shock Force simulates a hypothetical conventional ground campaign Syria between NATO and Syrian forces.

This brand new Mac OS X edition of CM:SF is fully compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6 and up) and Mac OS X Lion (10.7 and up). It includes the original base game pitching US Army forces (centered around a Stryker Brigade Combat Team) against Syrian Regular Army, as well as ALL THREE ADD-ON MODULES: Marines, British Forces and NATO, adding even more hardware from Great Britain, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, US, and Syria.

Make no mistake, this is one HUGE bundle for as little as $45! It containing hundreds (!) of scenarios and maps, hundreds (!) of meticulously researched units and formations, almost a dozen full-blown campaigns for several nations and much much more. Additionally, countless scenarios and campaigns made by Windows gamers are seamlessly compatible with the Mac version. 3am just-one-more-turn addiction alert!! (you’ve been warned).

“Combat Mission: Shock Force – Mac Edition” will be available for both download, mail delivery (disc and printed and digital game manuals), and both (download AND mail), starting at $45 (plus S&H if applicable) in 6-8 weeks. We will open pre-orders (for the mail&download option) in 1-2 weeks.


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