Combat Mission – Cold War : J-5 sur Steam

Matrix diffuse un joli trailer pour confirmer que le volet de la série Combat Mission consacré aux affrontements entre l’OTAN et le Pacte de Varsovie au début des années 80 arrive enfin sur Steam. Le jeu était sorti initialement fin avril dernier, mais du fait a priori de soucis techniques, il n’a pas pu arriver comme voulu en juillet sur la plateforme de Valve. Ni en septembre non plus, comme cela avait été évoqué cet été. Quoiqu’il en soit, il ne devrait plus y avoir de retard maintenant.

A noter aussi qu’il s’agit du premier titre de la série Combat Mission fonctionnant avec l’utile système de gestion des PBEM de Slitherine (PBEM++). Et qu’il n’y a par contre pour le moment pas de nouvelles de la démo qui était prévue. Elle pourrait toutefois arriver quelques temps après la sortie du jeu sur Steam.

Pour plus d’informations sur Combat Mission – Cold War, voyez cette page chez Battlefront. Ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur. Ou celle-ci sur Steam. Ainsi que notre article Combat Mission – Cold War : un bouillant trio pour une guerre froide.



Combat Mission Cold War Out on November 16th

Take command of either US or Soviet tactical formations, centering on the Company Team or Battalion Task Force between 1979 to 1982

Combat Mission Cold War is set in the tipping-point years of a conflict that gripped the world for 45 years.
Between 1979-1982, both the NATO and Soviet Warsaw Pact militaries began the shift away from industrialized warfare of the early 20th century and towards the modern digital battlefield of today.
Combat Mission Cold War simulates several “what if” conflict scenarios between US and Soviet forces centered on the strategic Fulda Gap and environs in West Germany.

Combat Mission Cold War comes with 15 standalone scenarios set in the US V and VII Corp sectors of West Germany and 3 full length campaigns:

The NTC Campaign: Puts you in command of a US Army Company Team as it begins its rotation and trial by simulated fire against the premier Soviet style formation in the world.
The US West German Campaign: Set in the southern Fulda Strategic Corridor between Fulda and Hanau (there are two versions of the US Campaign, 1982 and 1979 to allow players the opportunity to see and compare the differences in equipment between the two periods).
The Soviet Campaign: Set north and east of Fulda, the Soviet Campaign follows the “Ride of the 120th Motor Rifle Regt” on the opening 48 hours of a fictional “what if” West German invasion.

Combat Mission Cold War will be available on Steam and on the Matrix Games site on November 16th. This is the first Combat Mission release to feature the Slitherine PBEM multiplayer system.
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Combat Mission: Cold War – Release postponed

Combat Mission: Cold War has been officially postponed.

We apologize for announcing late that we had to move the release date due to issues that prevent us from properly implementing the PBEM system for multiplayer. The new release date should be in September.

Battlefront is doing a great job trying to implement our PBEM system in the game, but obviously it’s not that simple. We were convinced that we would be able to release by the end of July but we noticed that there were some problems in the build. Therefore we decided to give the developers a few more weeks to work on it.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a necessary one, to provide you with the best experience with Combat Mission Cold War.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more detailed information on the new date.