Commands and Colors – Ancients : premières images

En bref. GMT diffuse trois petites captures d’écrans illustrant la future adaptation digitale de ce jeu, en chantier chez The Lordz et HexWar. A qui l’on doit déjà précédemment Commands & Colors: The Great War (voir cette brève).

Le jeu étant en phase alpha, sa sortie ne devrait pas avoir lieu avant un certain temps encore.


Commands & Colors Ancients Digital Update

Here’s an update note and some alpha stage development images from our friends at HexWar. Enjoy!

Early challenges for Commands & Colors: Ancients included creating the right “feel” for close combat, laying out the units clearly, and communicating the various game actions correctly.
This Commands & Colors game features a simple card set, but more in depth set of rules for close combat. Rules like “leader escape” and “battle back” are now implemented. The game has really started to develop the feel of playing the board game.

We took on player feedback and made information like unit stats and behaviours easily accessible in mouseover tooltips that update based on the situation. Communicating such vital information in a clear way makes gameplay smooth and easy to pick up – you will spend less time reading the manual, and more time playing the game! It also makes development easier, as we can see at a glance that combat is getting resolved according to the board game rules.

Just recently we implemented elephants and the special “elephant rampage” rules. Once the artwork is slotted into place this unit should really bring the Punic Wars to life.

There is plenty more to work on: the AI opponent, adding terrain, and multiplayer features are still to come, so stay tuned!


Derniers tests