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En bref. Matrix diffuse une nouvelle bande-annonce pour accompagner la sortie hier de cette extension sur le sujet peu fréquent de la guerre des Malouines. Conflit dans lequel s’opposèrent l’Argentine et l’Angleterre au début des années 80, ce que le jeu retranscrit au travers de 13 scénarios historiques, et deux hypothétiques en bonus.

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Command: Modern Operations – Falklands Out Now

Forty years ago this year, the United Kingdom and Argentina went to war over the possession of the Falkland Islands, off the coast of South America.

On April 2nd 1982, Argentine forces mounted amphibious landings (known as Operation Rosario) on the Falkland Islands. The invasion started with the landing of the Amphibious Commandos group, who attacked the empty Moody Brook barracks and then moved on Government House in Stanley. The assault was met with a fierce but brief defence by the local detachment of the Royal Marines. When the 2nd Marine Infantry Battalion (with Assault Amphibious Vehicles) arrived, the governor ordered a cease fire and surrendered.

In Command Falklands, you will relive some of these epic battles by commanding both British and Argentinian forces in thirteen scenarios designed by a Falklands War veteran. The game also includes two bonus scenarios including units not present or available during this war.

Air, surface, and underwater combat; lead your forces to victory in a multi-faceted campaign that will immerse you in one of the most controversial conflicts of the twentieth century.


– 13 Scenarios plus 2 Bonus Scenarios including units not present or available during the war.
– Scenarios designed by a Falklands War Veteran.
– Management actual and previously taken out of service units. 
– Air, surface and underwater combat.
– Guide your Forces to victory in a multi-sided campaign.

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