Command – Showcase Ford Class : trailer

Un second mini DLC dans la série Showcase pour Command – Modern Operations a levé l’ancre hier. Au programme, un scénario hypothétique centré cette fois sur le porte-avion américain USS Ford, qui, ici en 2026 se retrouverait a priori confronté à la marine Russe. Cela dans l’Atlantique sud au large de l’Angola où la situation a viré à la guerre civile.

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Command: Showcase Ford Class out now

Command Showcase is a series of scenarios that will put you in command of the most significant weapons sensors and units in the modern era with new and hypothetical theaters of war.

Your Second challenge:

Command Showcase: Ford Class

Russia, in an attempt to break international sanctions, has set up a trade agreement with Angola. Unfortunately, the situation has turned ugly with the death of the Angolan President, back and forth claims of Russian and/or US and/or European interference fused with a fractious domestic political situation boiling down to civil war. While many nations attempt to evacuate non-combatants, Russia has vowed to send ‘Peacekeepers’ and the US is adamant that its Embassy will remain open and US citizens will be protected.

Enter the USS Ford and her dispersed Strike Group, diverted from a scheduled visit to South America. Simultaneously, the Russians divert their newly refitted Battle Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov from a mission to the Mediterranean. Suddenly two of the most powerful ships on the planet are steaming at high speed towards a tinderbox situation.

What could possibly go wrong?


– Playable by the US side only and focused on the USS Ford.
– Configurable air wing for the USS Ford with 10, 14 or 20 F-35s and varying numbers of other aircraft to round out the wing.
– Randomized starting positions for many elements.
– P-8, RQ-180 and other high end surveillance aircraft.
– High end SSNs on both sides.
– Airborne insertion of US Marines to the US Embassy.
– A NATO airlift not under the player’s control but needing protection.
– A fast-moving and dynamic situation on the ground which will complicate the player’s ability to achieve tasks and missions.
– An escalation mechanism where both Russia and Angola will gradually lose patience with player actions at different rates and for different reasons, and likely start shooting.

Command Showcase: Ford Class Out Now


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