Conflicts : les panzers à l’assaut du Caucase

En bref. La série Conflicts continue de s’étoffer avec aujourd’hui un volet consacré à la bataille du Caucase, l’opération Edelweiss, particulièrement ici à la tentative du IIIe Reich de s’emparer des ressources pétrolières dans la lointaine région de Bakou (en Azerbaïdjan) vers l’automne 1942 dans la foulée du Plan bleu (l’opération Fall Blau).

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Operation Edelweiss: The audacious attempt by the Axis forces to launch an attack across the vast Kalmyk Steppe and deep into the Caucasus region to seize the critical and massive oil reserves of the faraway Baku. Fuel and ammo logistics, horrible terrain, vast array of different unit types, and Soviet landings on the flank all combine to make this an excruciating operation. On the plus side, rebels hiding in the mountains are ready to start an anti-Soviet insurgency and the captured oil fields will eventually start to produce fuel for your tanks.

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If you liked Axis Endgame in Tunisia (Kasserine Pass), you’ll like this one too, as the overall setup and challenge is similar.

The victory only requires controlling Baku and over 110 VPs out of the 140, so you can leave a sizeable portion of the map unconquered if you advance with two narrow spearheads and seize the biggest cities! … without getting completely cut off and having your best divisions demolished.


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