CounterFact 03

Le troisième numéro de CounterFact devrait arriver très prochainement. En plus de différents articles sur le thème du Moyen-orient il proposera Millennium Wars Advanced: The Lebanon Scenarios, soit a priori deux scénarios sur le thème du Liban.

Pour plus d’informations voyez la description suivante puis cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou la page Facebook du magazine.

Issue #3 contains two scenarios for the Advanced Millennium Wars system: Operation Peace for Galilee (1982) and Lebanon II (2006).

The Advanced Millennium Wars system is quite unique relative to traditional wargame designs. Rather than utilize quantitative “factors” for such things as movement and combat, the game is entirely missions based, with each unit being capable of performing a given set of missions as indicated by icons on the backs of the unit counters. Missions are combined into Operations against specific targets, which can include other units in play, populations centers on the map, or political capital. Targets on the receiving end of such operations must execute specific casualty chains to account for losses caused by offensive operations. The game also utilizes a unique “Tier” system that determines the number of phases the units of any given faction may conduct missions per turn.