Crusader Kings III – Fate of Iberia : trailer

Paradox a mis en ligne une nouvelle bande-annonce confirmant si nécessaire la sortie en milieu de semaine de cette mini-extension mettant l’accent sur la péninsule ibérique, et les nombreuses agitations qui y eurent lieu à la fin du Moyen-âge.

DLC, ou plus précisément Flavor pack, qui est accompagné par un patch v1.6.0 qui vient améliorer gratuitement de nombreux aspects du jeu. Voyez le changelog dans le forum officiel pour une liste complète des modifications.

Au passage je vous rajoute un exemple des très belles représentations en 3D de différents personnages que vous pourrez croiser entre autres dans cet add-on. Vous trouverez par ici dans le forum officiel d’autres exemples et explications sur les modèles 3D dans le jeu (bâtiments, certains objets spéciaux, etc.).

Pour plus d’informations sur Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant Crusader Kings III, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ainsi que notre test.


Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia - Characters
Aperçu des personnages dans Crusader Kings III – Fate of Iberia.


Settle the Fate of Iberia in New Crusader Kings Flavor Pack

Add-on Focuses on Struggle For Spain and Portugal, Available Now

STOCKHOLM – 31 May 2022 – The land is divided by language, religion and culture, but those with the vision to understand it see a land rich in opportunity. What if the energy devoted to squabbling over towns and titles could be focused on unity or coexistence? But vision is not enough. A strong hand, a taste for intrigue and a deft touch with diplomacy are all required. This is a question for generations, a problem to be solved over time. Only the patient and prudent can settle the Fate of Iberia.

Fate of Iberia is the latest flavor pack for Crusader Kings III. Available today, this addition to Paradox Interactive’s award winning medieval grand strategy role-playing game gives you a new way to live out the history of Spain and Portugal through the middle ages. A centuries long Struggle will force you to rethink how to achieve your goals, as a variety of interested and competing parties fight to impose their will on the Iberian Peninsula.

See a trailer here

Features of Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia include:

Struggle system: Entirely new system for historic conflict, available to modders and other content creators.

Decide the Fate of Iberia: Choose the path of conciliation or the path of conquest as you unite Spain or, alternately, agree to a peaceful division of spoils.

New content: Two new Legacy tracks (Metropolitan and Coterie), new cultural traits emphasizing special historical characteristics of the Iberian peninsula, new friendship interactions and duels over the chessboard.

New Events: Dynamic historical events related to the struggle for Iberia.

New Art: New character art reflecting Iberian cultures of the medieval era, new unit designs, new 3D models of holdings and artifacts and a host of new art for backgrounds, events and loading.

New Music: Additions to the Crusader Kings III soundtrack.

Fate of Iberia includes an update free for all Crusader Kings III owners that adds new options and features for all players. This update will add a new faction type to challenge your ruler, Heads of Faith that can be shared by different religions, vassal contracts for clans, and, of course, a new starting bookmark that highlights interesting Iberian characters for the 867 start date.

Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $6.99/£5.19/€6.99. It is included with the Crusader Kings III expansion pass and Crusader Kings III: Royal Edition.