Crusader Kings III : rendez-vous mi-mai pour Tours & Tournaments

Paradox a mis en ligne cette semaine une nouvelle bande-annonce pour pour confirmer quand sera disponible le prochain DLC majeur du très réussi troisième volet de la série Crusader Kings.

Vous pourrez donc aller visiter vos vassaux, célébrer en fanfare vos mariages royaux, varier les oripeaux, ou encore organiser des joutes chevaleresques en parallèle de vos joutes diplomatiques virtuelles à compter du 11 mai prochain. En plus de la ruse et de la fourberie, notez que l’élégance sera entre autre aussi au rendez-vous, les personnages allant pouvoir refléter une partie de l’évolution de la mode en Europe de l’Ouest depuis les carolingiens jusqu’à l’époque médiévale. Un détail original parmi d’autres pour étoffer un peu plus encore le jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments, voyez cette page sur Steam.

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Departure Date Set for Crusader Kings III’s Next Royal Tour

Expansion Pack Tapped for May as Next “Chapter” Pack Revealed

STOCKHOLM – 04 April 2023 – Pack the royal baggage, get the carriage sorted and don’t forget to gather your entourage, because royalty travels in style. Visit your vassals, travel to a grand foreign wedding or take your turn at the jousting lists – all potential occasions for intrigue or advancement. And now the date of departure is set – you can enjoy the luxury (and peril) of medieval travel in Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments on 11 May 2023.

In Tours and Tournaments, your character will be able to change the course of history through grand activities. Whether it is becoming master of the arena at a tournament, impressing your vassals with an extravagant royal wedding, or personally touring your realm on a grand tour, all of these activities could have world-changing consequences. Not to mention the perils of leaving an ambitious regent at home to rule in your stead while you see the world.

Features of Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments include:

Grand Tournaments: Host a grand demonstration of feats of arms, attracting nearby nobles and wandering knights. Choose the events, set the destination and use the tournament to improve your social standing or military prowess.

Grand Tours: Take a trip through your realm to take stock of your vassals, gifting them with your benevolence or extorting them for higher taxes.

Grand Weddings: Save your gold for an elaborate ceremony that centers the real meaning of marriage – politics. Honor your in-laws, cater to your vassals and demonstrate your power.

Travel System: Plan your route to these great activities, choosing safety through civilized lands or risking everything for a more direct route through dark forests or dangerous mountains. Ease your way with a large entourage that marks your importance or travel light so you can get down to business.

Knightly Accolades: Honor your best knights with special titles and accolades that will give bonuses to them and the armies they lead.

New Armor Designs: New historical armor designs from across the centuries, integrated with the new Tournament and Accolade systems.

New Western Clothing: New art for clothing designs will show how fashions changed and evolved in Western Europe from the time of the Carolignians to the closing of the medieval era.

Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments will be available on 11 May 2023 for the suggested retail price of $29.99/£24.99/€29.99 and will launch with a major free update to Crusader Kings III for all players.

Players can pre-order Tours and Tournaments now, or, if they like, purchase Chapter II for **Crusader Kings III, a bundle of upcoming content for the game with an unbeatable price.

This Chapter of new content includes:**

Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments: Join great adventures and activities. Take a tour of your realm to check in on your vassals face-to-face. Host grand tournaments to demonstrate your wealth or military prowess. Impress your friends and rivals with great royal weddings. But, no matter the activity, keep an eye out for schemes, as nothing is better than a party to cloak ill-intentions.

Wards and Wardens: In this pack, new events add greater depth and interaction to the challenges of raising and educating children. Whether parent, tutor or warden, the personalities of the child and the adult may clash as headstrong or determined children resist the knowledge of their betters. Strong guidance, however, can lead to a lifelong bond across the generations.

Legacy of Persia: This forthcoming addition for Crusader Kings III lets you relive the dramatic struggle for survival and empire in the lands between the Euphrates and the Indus. With special attention to the culture and history of medieval Persia, Legacy of Persia introduces new systems for Clan government rulers, and expands on the Islamic and Zoroastrian religions dominant in the region at the time.

Elegance of the Empire: You can dress your Central European characters in the finest of finery with this clothing pack exclusive to owners of Chapter II for Crusader Kings III. Inspired by the historic regalia of the 11th century rulers Emperor Henry II and Empress Cunigunde of the Holy Roman Empire, this pack includes not only new robes and dresses, but historically appropriate crowns and other regalia.

The Chapter II pack can be ordered now, for a suggested retail price of $34.99/£29.50/€34.99.


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