D-Day – Utah & Omaha, nouvelle campagne pour Conflicts

Envie d’aller à la plage ? La série Conflicts qui propose depuis 2011 de nombreux wargames pour les joueurs sur Android vous emmène cet été sur les fameuses plages de Normandie, spécialement en la compagnie de la 101st Airborne Division et de la 82nd Airborne Division qui s’y illustrèrent en 44. L’escapade pouvant se prolonger dans l’arrière-pays, si tout va bien, jusqu’à Cherbourg et Carentan, en faisant éventuellement un crochet ad hoc via la Pointe du Hoc, pour terminer vers Coutanges et Avranches.

Précédemment en début d’année il y avait eu une campagne concernant la 6th airborne sur les plages Juno et Sword du Débarquement.

Faute de communiqué pour plus d’informations sur Conflicts – D-Day: Utah & Omaha beaches, 6th Airborne, voyez cette page sur Amazon ou le site de la série. La version de démonstration se trouve par ici.

Attention les titres de cette série ne sont a priori plus disponibles sur Google Play (voir l’annonce suivante pour quelques explications).



Play Store has, once again, removed a couple of my apps for ”duplicate” content. How do you release two games about “D-Day” without mentioning “D-Day” in both games? *sigh* If possible, you would be well advised to use the Amazon App Store, which has very professional business-centric review staff and does not suffer from these types of over-sensitivity issues. So far I have won my appeals about these Duplicate-issues, but as the removal is instant without any warning and the appeal process takes forever (weeks or even a month) I think the day has came that I can only offer paid-full versions on Google Play Store (free no-ads turn-limited demos still available at Amazon App Store. Plus I really would like to focus on creating new campaigns and not fighting the automatic+incorrect 8734589378649537598 Google robot-decisions, life is simply too short.



This is the full paid version of Utah & Omaha 1944, a strategy boardgame set on the Western Front during the Second World War modelling the historical events at battalion level. From Joni Nuutinen: By a wargamer for the wargamers since 2011

You are in command of the American force carrying out the western part of the 1944 Normandy D-Day landings: Utah and Omaha beaches and Airborne landings of the 101st and 82nd paratrooper divisions. The scenario starts with the 101st Airborne Division dropping during the night in the first wave and 82nd Airborne Division on the second wave west of Utah beach to control the key causeway and seize crossing towards Carentan – and in big picture to speed up the drive to Cherbourg to secure a major port as quickly as possible. On the morning of June 6th, American troops start landing on the two selected beaches while US Army Rangers targeting Grandcamp via Pointe du Hoc split up in the chaos and only some of the units land on Pointe du Hoc while the rest land on the edge of Omaha beach. After seizing the heavily fortified port city of Cherbourg the Allied plan is to break out from the Normandy bridgehead using the Western coastal road network and ultimately break free via Coutanges-Avranches and free the France.

Thanks to detailed battalion level simulation the number of units can be high during the later stages of the campaign, so please use the settings to turn OFF various unit types to reduce the number of units if that feels overwhelming, or simply use the Disband action of the General.



+ Thanks to months and months of research the campaign mirrors the historical setup as accurately as possible within a challenging game-play

+ Thanks to a ton of in-built variation of terrain, location of units, weather, the game’s smart AI technology, etc., each game provides a unique war gaming experience.

+ A long list of options and settings to alter the visual look and how the user interface reacts (prevent accidental taps between hexagons etc.).


Conflict-Series by Joni Nuutinen has offered highly rated Android-only strategy board games since 2011, and even the first scenarios are still actively updated. The campaigns are based on the time-tested gaming mechanics TBS (turn-based strategy) enthusiasts are familiar with from both the classic PC war games and legendary tabletop board games. I want to thank the fans for all the well thought-out suggestions over the years which have allowed these campaigns to improve at a much higher rate than what any solo indie developer could dream of. If you have feedback about this board game series please use email, this way we can have a constructive back and forth chat without the limits of the store’s comment system. In addition, because I have huge number of projects on multiple stores, it’s just not sensible to spend handful of hours each day going through hundreds of pages spread all over the Internet to see if there is a question somewhere — just send me an email and I will get back to you. Thanks for understanding!


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