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En bref, intéressante nouvelle cette semaine pour les amateurs des titres de Decision Games, l’éditeur vient de signer un partenariat avec Hunted Cow afin de développer des versions informatisées de ses jeux. Le premier wargame concerné sera Rebels & Redcoats, paru initialement en 1995, et qui devrait donc débarquer on ne sait quand encore à l’avenir au moins sur iPad et sur Mac dans un premier temps.


ELGIN, SCOTLAND and BAKERSFIELD, CA. September 9, 2014. Hunted Cow Studios and Decision Games announced today their partnership to develop and release digital versions of Decision Games’ extensive library of wargames.

“Many of Hunted Cow’s developers were already fans of Decision Games, so when the opportunity to work with them presented itself, we knew we had to take it,”said Craig Withers, head of Marketing at Hunted Cow Studios. “From our point of view, it really is the perfect partnership. Our own strategy games have already been incredibly successful, and when we combine that experience with Decision Games’ excellent library of game titles, we’re certain the results will be very special indeed.”

The first title to be released will be an iPad and Mac version of Decision Games’ classic game, Rebels & Redcoats. Set during the American War of Independence, the game allows players to tackle some of the most important battles of the war.

The game recreates the battlefields of the American Revolution. Players can command the armies of both sides in a mix of large and small battles. These include the battles of Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Monmouth, and Guilford Courthouse. They face the same tactical decisions of the commanders of the time; can they change history?

Christopher Cummins, CEO of Decision Games, said, “We’re looking forward to working with Hunted Cow and Hex War in adapting our games to mobile platforms and Mac. We’re providing them with Decision Games and Strategy & Tactics Press games, our classic SPI games, and exclusive access to our forthcoming game designs. I am very pleased with the line-up they are working on for the next two years, and honored that their first release in October for this new line is Rebels & Redcoats, one of my own game designs.”

As well as Rebels and Redcoats, Hunted Cow Studios already has in production digital versions of Decision Games’ popular Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge card game, Battles of the Ancient World, and the classic SPI game Island War.


About Decision Games and Strategy & Tactics Press

Decision Games was formed in 1988 by Dr. Cummins to create and publish quality wargames and purchased most of the SPI boxed game titles in 1994. Strategy & Tactics Press was formed to publish military history magazines, including Strategy & Tactics, World at War and Modern War. These magazines are distributed worldwide to book stores and newsstands. Together the two companies publish a premium game edition of the magazines with a complete board wargame on the feature topic in each issue. Their library of wargames has gone from strength to strength, with quality a constant watchword at all stages of development.

Looking to the future, Strategy & Tactics Press is developing digital editions of their magazines to complement Decision Games’ expansion into digital versions of their games.

Decision Games’ recent series of Folio and Mini Games has been a critical success. With a standard rules set shared among multiple titles and the games themselves designed for easy set up and quick play time, the series pays homage to wargames past and looks forward to their future.


About Hunted Cow Studios

Hunted Cow Studios is a leading game developer and publisher founded in 2003. Their most popular browser game is Fallen Sword which has attracted over four million players since its launch in 2006.

Hunted Cow is currently working on its flagship 3D MMO, Eldevin, that has been well received by gamers and critics alike. They are also continually improving their other games, such as Fallen Sword, as well as releasing innovative strategy and role-playing titles on mobiles and tablets.

Hunted Cow and HexWar have a strong portfolio of iOS and Mac games, including Tank Battle: North Africa, which won the “Game of the Week” award on Pocket Gamer and their most recent release, Ancient Battles: Hannibal.

Hunted Cow also prides itself on working with other talented developers to bring their games to a wider audience. Developers interested in discussing collaborations can email



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