Decision in the Desert, Crusade in Europe et Conflict in Vietnam ressortent sur Steam

Surprise ! Atari a décidé il y a peu de ressortir trois très vieux wargames co-développés par Sid Meier, et publiés au milieu des années 80 par MicroProse. Jeux qui ont aujourd’hui le mérite de très bien montrer à quel point l’informatique a évolué, pour qui en douterait, mais aussi les premiers efforts à cette époque pour transposer des wargames sur un écran.

Pour plus d’informations sur ces jeux, voyez les fiches suivantes sur Steam : Decision in the Desert, Crusade in Europe, Conflict in Vietnam.



Atari Re-releases Sid Meier’s Popular Command Series Games for PC on Steam
Decision in the Desert, Crusade in Europe, and Conflict in Vietnam Return to Sale

NEW YORK — Nov. 30, 2021 — Atari today announces the return of legendary game designer Sid Meier’s Command Series of classic 1980’s strategy games: Decision in the Desert, Crusade in Europe, and Conflict in Vietnam are now available on Steam.

The three part series of tactical wargames was originally released in the 1980s under the MicroProse label. Sid Meier, later creator of the Civilization series, collaborated with historian Ed Bever to ensure the games’ historical accuracy. Their realism and depth of strategic gameplay earned the titles a loyal following persisting to this day.

The approach to the Command Series grew from observation of actual tabletop U.S. military scenario exercises. As a result, the games challenge players to manage assets, strategically place and move them around the battlefield map, and outmaneuver the enemy. Victory requires careful strategic thinking and fast responses to rapidly changing battlefield conditions.

Crusade in Europe, originally released in 1985, is the first title in the Command Series and features real-time battles testing the skills of would-be commanders. Five different scenarios, from D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge, recreate the tactical decisions faced by commanders in the European Campaign.

Decision in the Desert, also released in 1985, features five historically accurate scenarios from World War II’s North African Campaign (1940 to 1942). Each scenario features multiple variables to create “what-if” situations, different levels of difficulty, and in-depth historical background information.

Conflict in Vietnam, the third title in the Command Series and released in 1986, begins with the defeat of the French colonial army and ends with the Viet Cong victory over the South Vietnam forces in 1972. Five major battles from the Vietnam War will challenge generals’ jungle combat command skills, as they harness airmobile forces, artillery and air strikes in a cat and mouse game of guerilla warfare.

“The Command Series titles are celebrated and played by a loyal following of retro and real-time simulation fans,” said Atari CEO, Wade Rosen. “We are excited to make these tactical wargames more widely available and accessible to a new generation of players.”

Decision in the Desert™, Crusade in Europe™, and Conflict in Vietnam™ are available for $6.99 each on Steam, and 25% off if all three are purchased in a bundle. For more information on Atari, please visit the company’s official website, or follow Atari on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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