Accueil Actus Decisive Campaigns – Barbarossa : nouvelles images

Decisive Campaigns – Barbarossa : nouvelles images

Matrix diffuse une nouvelle série de captures d’écrans pour le prochain troisième volet de la série Decisive Campaigns. L’occasion d’avoir ici un aperçu du système de décisions simulant les grands événements se déroulant pendant cette campagne, éléments supplémentaires qu’il faut bien prendre en compte pour décrocher la victoire.

Pour plus d’informations sur Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa, dont la sortie ne devrait plus beaucoup tarder, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur, ainsi que le blog de VR Designs. A lire également nos précédents articles sur cette série, soit notre test de Decisive Campaigns – Case Blue ou celui de Decisive Campaigns – Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris. Soit encore notre article IA-t-il un wargamer dans mon PC ? Questions à VR Designs.


Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa presents a never before seen model of Operational Command. Invading Russia isn’t purely a dry, numerical, counter shuffling exercise.

It’s about being immersed in Decisions that cover everything from arbitrating disagreements over rail scheduling to negotiating a way to minimise the disruption of a propaganda film crew in your headquarters while smiling for the camera and inspiring the home front.

But decisions don’t happen in a vacuum. Everyone of them involves People.  Superiors and subordinates.  There’s a war on. People are stressed. Under pressure. Marching to the drums of their own agendas.

As Operational Commander of the entire Eastern Front you need to know when to placate, know when to give ground and know when to come down hard with an iron fist.

Can you twist in the political wind and use the machinations of the internal infighting to your advantage?

Above all can you sway people to your point of view, cut through the multitude of distractions and focus on the only thing that really matters – the conquest of Russia?

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