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Pharaoh: A New Era

En bref. Le festival des démos Next Fest venant de démarrer aujourd’hui sur Steam, vous y trouverez de nombreuses versions d’essais de futurs jeux de tous genres. Dont la future refonte de ce classique city-builder, qui devrait offrir on ne sait quand encore cette année un très joli voyage dans l’Égypte antique.

Au programme de cette démo, essentiellement un tutoriel avec 4 missions. Le tout étant jouable uniquement en version anglaise.

Pour plus d’informations sur Pharaoh – A New Era, voyez le site officielcette page chez l’éditeur, et surtout cette page sur Steam. Et éventuellement cet article si vous ne connaissez pas le jeu d’origine.

Si le style de Pharaoh vous plaît, voyez aussi Nebuchadnezzar, paru en début d’année.




Greetings everyone,

As you may already know, Pharaoh: A New Era will be coming to Steam later this year.
However, we are well aware that most of you have been waiting for a while to see new gameplay footage of the game. Well, we thought of a much better thing for you: how about trying the game instead? Indeed, the first FREE demo of Pharaoh: A New Era is now available until February 28 (7 PM CET)!


<!> Please note that the Pharaoh: A New Era demo is still a work-in-progress. As a result, you may encounter some known issues that the development team is already working on. You can find the list in the “known issues” thread on the Steam forums. If you encounter any other problems, feel free to post a message on the Steam forum or our Discord server, we will help you out asap! <!>



Also, if you want to help us even more, make sure to fill out this survey after playing the demo:


Before playing the demo, or even reporting any issues, go read our “FAQ – Everything you need to know before playing the demo” on Steam.

To report an issue that isn’t mentioned in the “Known Issues” thread, please use the Steam subforum “Technical Support”, then start a new discussion and give us as many details as possible.

Pharaoh: A New Era FREE demo is available in English only and features:

A tutorial with 4 playable missions
Motivational tracks to help you rule your city like a true Pharaoh
Ostriches to feed your inhabitants (with love)
The classic “Fire in the city” and much more!

This demo is just a preview of what awaits you later this year. We hope you will enjoy this preview as much as we love this title.

With all our love, we wish you the best experience with this demo! We are looking forward to your feedback on Steam or Discord.

Save the ostriches, wishlist the game:

Wanna check out the team’s latest progress on developing the game? Come and say hi to the devs on Twitch and YouTube:


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Make sure to join us on Discord:

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