Des chiffres et des jeux : l’année 2014 chez Matrix

matrix-games-2014-InfographicEn bref. Matrix Games a diffusé la semaine dernière une intéressante infographie résumant en quelques chiffres clés l’année 2014 pour l’éditeur américain. Qui comme on le comprend ici confirme sa progression sur plusieurs fronts ludiques en même temps, allant de wargames PC destinés à des joueurs chevronnés jusqu’à des jeux de stratégie aux degrés de difficulté et aux thèmes variés, désormais de plus en plus jouables aussi y compris sur consoles et tablettes numériques.

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Matrix Games – 2014 in numbers

12 Platforms
Some games have reached 9 different sales platforms and outlets. Including Amazon Android, Xbox 360, XBLA, PSVota and more. This means each title has a life of his own to reach more and more players.

34 SKUs released
That is a lot of product. It’s a lot of different propositions for a variety of audiences, including a chariot racing game, a wargame about the 30 years war and one featuring Buzz Aldrin. That would also imply someone will moan we don’t do enough wargames and someone will say we are too niche.

63 Promos
Despite some slight critique, we try to promote the games and manage sales curve in a meaningful way. We try to create deals that are appealing and do it every single week of the year and on all platforms.

200k PBEM sessions
To be more accurate, that is 198762, played on a number of games. Some of these have seen big prizes and defeats, like in the Field of Glory tournaments, some were more personnal, but none of them was useless.

1872 social posts
We tried to keep in touch with the audience as much as we could and we could always do more. One thing to be proud of is that no customer’s comment was left unanswered. There are 15 official places for customers to post comments on.

326 announces
Matrix Games has a lot to say. Each PR planning meeting features a big discussion on what is important, what is only interesting for the forum members, what has to featured on the homepage and what deserves a press release. Something I have a plan for.

207 countries
We served customers from all over the world. Around 50% of them are in the US, but this doesn’t mean other are less welcome. UK and Germany comes second and third, but we also had customers from Togo, Mali and Uzbekistan.

8892 new subscribers
Meaning active ones. New customers who interact with us at least once every six months through the different channels. Fans, followers, customers who are asking questions, posting comments, leaving remarks, ranting, asking for help. That’s only the new ones we never heard of.

Marco A. Minoli – Marketing Director HoW.




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