Drive on Moscow arrive sur PC

Sorti initialement en 2013 pour iPad, voici que ce très sympathique wargame de Shenandoah studios va prochainement être adapté pour nos PC. Et profitera au passage de différentes améliorations, principalement une meilleure IA, la compatibilité avec les serveurs PBEM Live de Slitherine et un système pour gérer les tournois.

Pour plus d’informations sur Drive on Moscow : War in the Snow, dont la date de sortie n’a pas encore été annoncée mais pour lequel vous pouvez déjà postuler à la bêta,voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur.

A lire également notre test de la version PC de Battle of the Bulge, autre jeu du même studio utilisant donc le même système, ainsi que l’article Shenandoah Studio : de l’art de faire un wargame pour 2 doigts et 4 pouces.


Drive on Moscow is an immediate, exciting and fast paced strategy game set in 1941, with the German Wehrmacht making a push for the capital of the Soviet Union. It was previously available only on iPad, but it’s being ported to PC and upgraded with many new features for the occasion!

The game puts you in charge of either the Wehrmacht or the Red Army. In the winter of 1941, the key to the war is Moscow. Were it to fall, the Soviet Union would receive such a huge blow that it might not recover. But were it to stand, maybe the Russians will be able to reverse the tide…

Sporting an incredible impulse-based turn activation system, the gameplay revolves around decisive initiative, clever timing and exploiting the weather and the terrain. Weather in particular is crucial: it affects the dynamic map, and even the turns’ duration!

The game is being upgraded with a new Live PBEM system, implementation of Slitherine’s Tournament system, as well as a greatly enhanced AI! Drive on Moscow is being improved greatly in both single and multiplayer. The addition of the tournament system in particular will allow us to organize tournaments in the future: you’ll have the chance to win glory on the battlefield (as well as some nice prizes!).

Last, but not least: the game is about to enter its beta phase. Feel free to join and help us: the goal is to provide you with the best gameplay experience, and we need your help. We’ll be extremely grateful for that. Click here to join the beta.

Important: if you want to join the beta it’s important that you first log in on the Slitherine forum once. That is due to a bug which prevents new users who never logged on their forum account from joining the beta. The bug will be fixed soon, but until then we ask you to take that small step. Thank you!


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