Egypt – Old Kingdom : démo et bande-annonce

En bref. Voici un récent trailer présentant ce jeu sur le thème de l’unification des tribus d’Égypte à la fondation du premier empire. Jeu a priori développé en collaboration avec des égyptologues et pour lequel, une fois n’est plus coutume, une démo est aussi disponible :

For Windows:

For MacOS:

Pour plus d’informations sur Egypt Old Kingdom, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site officiel. La vidéo suivante, qui aurait dû être intégrée dans le jeu mais qui pour des raisons techniques ne s’y trouvera finalement pas, est une présentation de la cosmogonie vue par les anciens égyptiens.



Egypt: Old Kingdom – everything is ready for the release! Really? Aaaah!

The state of the developers 24 hours before the release can be compared to passing exams to the university: you feverishly trying to make sure you prepared as good as you can in order not to fail the exams, you worry about the grade you’re going to get, etc. Players for us are like the strictest judges and teachers, and we’re passing our exam tomorrow!

But we have a few things up our sleeve to impress the judges! This time we decided not only release the game but also added two DLCs.

Deluxe version of the game will include two DLCs: the first one is artbook in which you will find all of our concept art and game art, and the collection of soundtracks from Predynastic Egypt and Egypt: Old Kingdom. You can check the preview of the soundtrack on the DLC’s Steam page!

The price of the game will be $15 USD, each DLC costs $5 USD and the Deluxe package with the game+2 DLCs will cost $20 USD.

The date of release and the launch of demo version!

10 days is quite fast, but we have a way to make them pass even faster ;) Ladies and gents, we present you our new video, which should have become an introduction video at the beginning of the game. Due to some technical problems, we couldn’t insert it in the game, but we think it’s a must-see video! It presents the cosmogony of our world the way Ancient Egyptians from Heliopolis have seen that. You’ll understand a bit more about Ancient Egyptians, and it’ll help you during the game.

Watch the cosmogony video on our YouTube channel!

And the last but not least! Every single one of you now has the chance to test and try the free demo version of Egypt: Old Kingdom, which includes the first 53 turns of the game!

For Windows:

For MacOS:

Enjoy your week and don’t forget to share your impression about the game!