Empires Apart devient Free to Play

En bref. Paru au printemps dernier, voici que ce STR prenant pour cadre le contexte médiéval change de formule pour devenir un jeu gratuit. L’ensemble du jeu de base et des différents modes est ainsi accessible à tous, les joueurs ayant acheté le jeu à sa sortie allant eux recevoir en compensation les six DLC parus depuis, ainsi que de futurs contenus exclusifs.

Aussi, pour l’occasion le jeu vient d’accueillir une faction supplémentaire, à savoir un DLC, payant lui, ajoutant la Corée.

Pour plus d’informations sur Empires Apart, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur



Empires Apart goes Free-to-Play!

There are some big news for all Empires Apart players: today Empires Apart goes Free-to-Play!

We are changing the format to make the game accessible for free to everyone. Anyone can go to Steam, download the game and play it at absolutely no cost. You will have access to all game modes and you’ll be able to play with the Byzantines civilization.

What does it mean for all those who had bought the game? You are not going to lose anything, and you’re getting more than the value of your money back. You will be considered a Founder and you’ll get immediate access to all the original civilizations plus access to exclusive content in the future.

The other civilizations are being repackaged as DLCs. You will be able to play against them with the F2P version and even to try them briefly with the new test scenarios, but you will need to buy the DLCs if you intend to play as the Mongols, the Chinese, the Arabs, the French, the Aztecs and the Koreans!

If you would like to have more information on how the Free-to-Play system works please read the FAQ we’ve published.

What, wait a seconds, did you say Koreans? Yes, there is a new playable civilization!

Now you will be able to buy the Korean Civilization Pack and lead the brand new faction in battle.

The Koreans are a ranged-focused civilization which can make use of the powerful Hwacha for devastating firepower. Their Nobles provide a unique mechanic, boosting the area around them and improving your economic development.

We have completely revamped the in-game menus, and brought in a massive number of improvements: new AI, a new map, and countless gameplay and UI improvements! We are also resetting the Ranking, so everyone gets a fair chance to start this new Ranked season on equal terms.

Last but not least, don’t forget to tune in for today’s developer stream live on Twitch at 8.30 pm BST!

This is the start of a new exciting path for Empires Apart. We can’t wait to see you all in game!

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