Europa Universalis IV – Leviathan : bande-annonce

Paradox diffuse un court trailer pour accompagner l’annonce de la confirmation de la date de sortie de la prochaine extension pour EU IV. DLC qui sera donc disponible fin avril, le 27 si tout va bien.

Mignon trailer qui campe l’ambiance asiatique sur laquelle met l’accent cet add-on. Ce qui sera reflété par des ajouts sur la carte, de même que pour l’Amérique du nord, les nations de cette partie du monde allant aussi bénéficier de changement au niveau du gameplay. Parmi les autres nouveautés, en plus d’une amélioration de la diplomatie et de l’économie, il y aura en prime des nations pour les nations aborigènes australiennes.

Un patch majeur accompagnera cette extension pour étoffer et améliorer un peu plus encore le jeu de base.

Pour plus d’informations sur Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan, voyez cette page sur Steam. Concernant Europa Universalis IV, voyez notre Panorama des DLC d’Europa Universalis IV, qui vous aidera à vous y retrouver parmi les nombreuses extensions précédentes. Puis cette fiche chez Paradox, ou celle-ci sur Steam.



New Europa Universalis IV Expansion Tapped for April

Leviathan Add-On Introduces New Diplomatic and Development Options

STOCKHOLM – 30 March 2021 – Not everything has to be brute force. Armies are necessary, of course, but there are other ways to succeed. Build a force of diplomats, for example, and use your flattery as a weapon against others. Or draw wealth and power from the remote regions of your realm to construct a metropolis to be the engine of your economy. You can try many new routes to global power in Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan, coming next month.

Leviathan is the newest expansion to Paradox’s grand strategy classic about the early modern world. The first release from the Barcelona-based Paradox Tinto, Leviathan adds new options for diplomatic and economic play, and will be available to Europa Universalis players on 27 April 2021.

One of the highlights of Leviathan is the ability to use diplomatic Favors to gain benefits from other nations. If you post a diplomat to curry favor in a foreign nation, you will slowly build up enough diplomatic power to request material aid, changes in alliances and even the return of core provinces.

Other features of Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan include:

– New Regency Options: Regency councils represent the interests of the most powerful estate, and can be extended to delay the ascension of an unfit monarch.
– Specialized Colonial Nations: Let your colonies focus on military help, trade power or self-government.
– Concentrate Development: You can now steal development from your vassals or territorial possessions to enhance the power of your capital city.
– Pillage Capital: Loot an enemy capital as a condition of peace, hauling development back to the capital metropolis.
– Expand Infrastructure: Provinces can expand their capacity to build new structures and manufactories, allowing smaller nations to create centers of wealth for a modest cost.
– Centralize State: Reduce the cost of government by spending unused Reform points.
– Totemism: Nations that follow the Totemist religion can revere a pantheon of past leaders, earning bonuses that reflect the skills they had in life.
– Monuments: Expand and establish great projects, adding new bonuses to your empire.
– New Unit Models: New army sprites for Southeast Asian nations, including Indochinese, Indonesian and Polynesian nations.
– And more: Including the ability to carpet siege enemy provinces, draft transports as a plutocratic nation, watch heirs gain legitimacy as they wait to inherit the throne and other changes.

As usual, Leviathan will be accompanied by a major free update available to all Europa Universalis IV players. This update includes modifications to the maps of Southeast Asia and North America, with major gameplay changes for North American First Nations. It also adds Australian Aboriginal nations.

Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan will be available on 27 April 2021 at the Paradox Store and major online retailers for the suggested retail price of $19.99/£15.40/€19.99.