Fin de la bêta pour Rise of Industry

Avis aux entrepreneurs virtuels, après plus de dix-huit mois en alpha phase d’accès bêta-anticipé, Kasedo confirme que son sympathique jeu sur le thème du développement industriel et de la bonne gestion de chaînes de production est désormais ouvert à tous. Ayant donc atteint le stade de la version 1.0, qui ne marque d’ailleurs pas la fin du développement du jeu, bien au contraire, celui-ci restant ouvert aux suggestions des joueurs pour l’améliorer et l’étoffer selon leurs souhaits.

A vous donc maintenant de vous lancer dans la création et le développement d’un empire au travers de ce système utilisant la génération procédurale et prenant pour cadre le 20ème siècle. Et pourquoi pas d’en partager vos impressions avec l’équipe de Penguin Studios.

Pour plus d’informations sur Rise of Industry, voyez cette fiche sur Steam et le site officiel.



Your Path to Business Tycoon Starts Today

Entrepreneurs rejoice! Your bid to become the world’s biggest business tycoon starts now! Kasedo Games and Dapper Penguin Studios are thrilled to announce that the massively addictive tycoon game, Rise of Industry hits full release worldwide for Windows PC, Mac and Linux priced at $29.99, €29.99, £22.99.

Inspired by classic, old school tycoon games with a modern twist, Rise of Industry challenges you to build your fledgling company from the ground up and push for greatness in an ever-changing business climate. Create vast production lines, complex transport routes and meet the demand of towns and villages to see the profit roll in and your reputation soar. But beware – finite resources, fiercely competitive AI and industrial pollution can all break your business without the proper planning. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.


Full release at last!

We’ve made it! Thanks to your unbelievable patience, support & feedback we are proud to say that Rise of Industry is now at full release!

It’s been a long road (almost 4 years!) and from the whole team behind Rise of Industry, we wanted to say a HUGE thank you for eveything you’ve done. Without your support, the game wouldn’t have made it this far. So truly, thank you.

However, that isn’t the end of the journey for the Rise of Industry. We promised that we would support the game long after full release and we are staying true to our word. We have lots of plans and additions to come and you’ll be able to see them in the not too distant future in version 1.1 and beyond!

We’ve been amazed by the feedback and suggestions of the community during the Early Access phase, but it doesn’t need to stop there.

As already mentioned, we’ve still got lots planned for post-release content to support the game but you can still tell us what you want adding to the game. Maybe it’s a new factory, mechanic, recipe – let us know and if it proves popular, it could end up in the game in the coming months.

If you haven’t already, why not join our friendly community on Discord and tell us your ideas for post-release content or just how you’re getting on in the game. We’d love to hear from you!

But now, go have fun! I’ll be here in the forums and on Discord!

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