Flashpoint Campaigns – Southern Storm : screenshots

Quatrième et dernier futur wargame annoncé pour 2021 par Matrix, c’est au tour de la série Flashpoint de revenir sur nos écrans, avec quatre campagnes, de nouvelles factions (dont la France) et une bonne quinzaine de scénarios viendront permettre de jouer d’hypothétiques batailles à la fin des années 80, dans le sud de l’Allemagne, entre l’OTAN et le Pacte de Varsovie

Pour plus d’informations sur Flashpoint Campaigns – Southern Storm, voyez pour le moment le communiqué suivant.

Concernant Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou par ici sur Steam. Concernant le battle pack Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged voyez celle-ci chez Matrix ou par là sur Steam.

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In Southern Storm, the next release in the Flashpoint Campaigns franchise, managing the fast-tempo combined arms forces, with accurate historical representations, is more engaging and immersive than ever. New factions, 16 stand-alone scenarios, 4 campaigns, and a new and improved UI are just a few of the latest additions to the game.


Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is a wargame set in the summer of 1989, at the conclusion of the Cold War, just like the previous Flashpoint Campaigns title.

Its focus is managing fast-tempo combined arms forces in the Cold War era, with an accurate representation (through asymmetrical turns) of concepts relevant to warfare in the era and rarely represented by other games, like the OODA loop (Observe – Orient – Decide – Act) and decay of C3 (Command, Communication, Control).

What is new:

– New factions are now available on top of the ones present in the original game (US, United Kingdom, West Germany and Soviet Union): France, Canada, East-Germany and Czechoslovakia.
– It is entirely set in the south of Germany, and players will have 16 stand-alone scenarios and 4 campaigns at their disposal.
– The user interface has been completely revamped with new and improved ways to display informations as well as new map overlays.
– The combat model has been deepened all around while the AI has been improved in its group-thinking.
– More units, more formations, more information all around, with a particular focus on what is ‘special’ about certain platforms, weapons and sensors.
– A detailed new weather system using actual regional weather data this has a strong impact on spotting and weapon systems
– And much more (Decoy units, civilians, multi-national forces, user created map overlays, Steam support, moddable scenarios from day one)


Matrix Games announces its top four 2021 wargames

Epsom, December 3rd. In a two and a half-hour long live Twitch stream, Matrix Games announced four wargames that will be published in 2021. These are War in the East 2, WarPlan Pacific, Decisive Campaigns Ardennes, and Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm.

During the Matrix Games Twitch Live stream, the publisher’s fans could see interviews with world-famous wargame designers: Alvaro Sousa (Kraken Studios – WarPlan), Victor Reijkersz (VR Design – Decisive Campaigns, Shadow Empire), Rob Crandall (On Target Simulations – Flashpoint Campaigns) and Joel Billings (2BY3 Games – War in the East series). They all spoke about their next projects and the future of the computer wargames in general.

“Hardcore Wargames are an essential part of our business” said Marco Minoli, Marketing Director for Slitherine and Matrix Games. “We never forget our core audience is there to play these games and we keep investing in growing the niche by partnering with the best developers to deliver great products. Keeping the Matrix Games brand alive and kicking is a challenge that we take up with pride and excitement every day”.

The most realistic and advanced wargame on Eastern Front warfare in World War 2. A complete overhaul and improvement of the original, with no stone left unturned to provide a more challenging strategy experience.


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