Frontline – Road to Moscow : nouvelles images

Voici neuf récentes captures d’écrans de ce prochain wargame tactique proposant de rejouer une trentaine de scénarios inspirés de batailles historiques ayant eu lieu sur le front de l’est, entre 1941 et 1944. Voyez les descriptifs de quatre missions que je vous ajoute ci-après en complément des screenshots (cf. légende des images apparaissant au survol de la souris) pour quelques précisions sur les différents objectifs à atteindre.

La phase bêta de Frontlines – Road to Moscow est accessible sur inscription via cette page chez Slitherine. Pour quelques petits détails supplémentaires sur le jeu voyez le site des développeurs : Sortie prévue sur iPhone / iPad, le 8 mai prochain. Et par la suite peut-être sur Android et probablement sur PC.

Description des missions (cf. légende des screenshots)

From the Frontline – Mission Smolensk

It is time for another installment of the Frontlines: Road to Moscow mission briefings. This time we take a look at the mission of Smolensk, where the player has to break through the cities defenses in order to capture the vital industrial center of the city. The enemy is prepared and has dug in.

Tula, July 27 1941

Objective: Capture the Smolensk Factories

Secondary objective:
– Eliminate the fortified buildings in and around the city

“By the evening of July 15, when the German 29th motorized division reached the southern suburbs of the city, the entire defence of Smolensk consists of a number of light and medium armor, some anti-tank guns, and different infantry battalions. A few defenders have also improvised some barricades, preparing for the German onslaught.”


From the Frontline – Mission Tula

Today we share with you another installment of the Frontlines: Road to Moscow mission briefings. This time we take a look at the mission around Tula, where the player has to advance in order to capture the city of Tula. The enemy has set up a defensive line consisting of armor and infantry, supported by Katushya rocket artillery.

Tula, November 10 1941

Objective: Capture the city of Tula

Secondary objectives:
– Capture the silo
– Destroy enemy experimental KV-Vi armor

“The German plan initially called for a rapid capture of Tula followed by a pincer move around Moscow. The first attack, however, was repelled by the 50th Army and civilian volunteers on October 29 after a desperate fight that occurred within sight of the city. On 31 October, the OKH ordered a halt to all offensive operations until increasingly severe logistical problems were resolved and the ‘rasputitsa’ subsided.”


From the Frontline – Mission Mogilev

This week we continue our series of updates on Frontline: Road to Moscow, in which we showcase some of the many diverse missions this iOS strategy game has to offer. Today we give you the mission briefing for the mission Mogilev, where for the first time, the German commander comes face to face with the mighty Russian KV tank.

Mogilev July 1941

Objective: Eliminate the KV-1 Prototype

“Following the sound victory at Minsk, and given the pace the Wehrmacht advances through Russia, it may be the Germans already won the war. On 10 July, General Heinz Guderian’s 2nd Panzer Group launches a surprise attack over the Dnieper, the last natural barrier en route to Moscow. On the other side the 13th Army is taken by surprise.”


From the Frontline – Mission Brody

Last week we started of a series of regular updates on Frontline: Road to Moscow. In this series we will provide you with an overview of the many diverse missions that Frontline has to offer. Today we present the second mission: “Brody”, where the player has to capture the city of Brody and has to ambush an enemy convoy.

June 1941 – Mission: Brody
“The 1st German Panzer Group, advancing along a southwestern route, covered land so fast that it outran the main force, leaving its flanks unprotected. A Soviet counter-offensive proves fierce and the German army needs to regroup into defensive positions. Russians lack air support and the leadership has been hastily organised, but they hope for a much needed victory near the fields of Brody.”



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