Germany at War – Barbarossa 1941 : premières images

Surprise, Matrix vient de dévoiler un nouveau wargame au gameplay proche de Panzer Corps mais se voulant toutefois plus précis dans son approche historique des combats et du cours des évènements. En laissant quand même une certaine latitude au joueur pour décider des orientations de la campagne. Aucune date de sortie n’a été annoncé mais voici déjà une première série de screenshots.

Pour plus d’infos voyez cette page chez Matrix Games.



Arlington, VT, June 12, 2013 – Matrix Games ( and Phobetor are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941, a new introductory turn-based operational wargame.

This new title features gameplay in the style of Panzer General and Panzer Corps, with a branching, event-filled campaign that takes you from the start of Operation Barbarossa towards the historical goals of Archangel or Astrakhan.  Follow each Army Group through its initial battles, build up a core force, then decide which front will have the main focus, North, Center or South.  Your decisions and outcomes determine the course of the campaign, which is designed with replayability in mind.

Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 is more historically focused than similar games, with an emphasis on historical units and attachments and consistent modeling of unit and hex scale, but is still a fun and easy to learn wargame.

With 4 Campaigns, including 37 scenarios in the main campaign, 14 stand-alone scenarios and an editor with which to add new mission, multiplayer PBEM++ support and good graphics, this game is an exciting new milestone for gamers who enjoy Panzer Corps and similar games.



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