Graviteam Tactics – Mius Front : patch et DLC Black Snow

Graviteam annonce la sortie ce week-end d’une cinquième extension pour sa très belle simulation en 3D des nombreuses batailles de chars ayant eu lieu en URSS en 1943. Au menu deux opérations supplémentaires et une nouvelle carte de 100 kilomètres carrés modélisant avec précision le secteur du village de Karbusel (situé dans la région de Léningrad).

A noter d’autre part que le jeu de base, déjà régulièrement patché par le studio, vient cette fois de bénéficier d’une plus importante mise à jour dont vous trouverez le détail dans le communiqué ci-après.

Pour plus d’informations sur Graviteam Tactics : Black Snow, voyez cette fiche sur Steam, où vous trouverez aussi de nombreuses captures d’écrans.

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New expansion Black Snow and a massive update

On March 19, 1943, the attack group of the Volkhov Front forces, combined as part of 8 A, is to break through the enemy defense in the sector of the front between Voronovo and Lodva villages, and then pursue the offensive in the general direction of Sologubovka, cut off the Mga-Kirishi railway in the Turyshkino area. The 8 A group of forces is reinforced with tank breakthrough regiments on KV-1S and Churchill tanks. The Germans using the forces of 223 ID occupy the defensive line of Voronovo, Pushechnaya Gora, Lodva, dense of engineer installations, developed system of trenches and obstacles, along with minefields.

– Two operations of 28 turns for each of the parties (Karbusel, March 19-23, 1943).
– Precisely recreated area of over 100 sq. km west of the Naziya river, village Karbusel.
– Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the offensive.
– Massive use of KV-1S and Churchill II tanks.

List of changes in the free update:

1) Changed the appearance of some interfaces.
2) In close engagement mode, the type of vehicles and heavy weapons is displayed instead of commander names.
3) Added Mk IV Churchill II tank (in the encyclopedia and quick battle editor).
4) Button for selecting the best platoons in a battlegroup, active only if there are such platoons in the reserve.
5) Messages popping up on the operational map are combining for battlegroups.
6) User guide has been updated (added explanation of abbreviations used in operations).
7) In the operational phase, statistics on the actions of forces are shown after each turn.
8) Added 88 mm Flak 36 gun (in operations and quick battle).
9) Changed numbering of vehicles combined into a company.
10) Added automatic lookup of a suitable video adapter when launching the game.
11) Added the effect of exhaled air in cold weather.
12) Fixed a bug with incorrect calculation of the loudness of soldier shouts.
13) When rotation order is given, stationary heavy weapon turns the turret/gun in the specified direction.
14) When selecting a spotter, the call artillery support menu automatically scrolls to the battery linked with it.
15) Changed the vehicle selection algorithm in the encyclopedia.
16) Added sounds of anti-personnel mines explosions.
17) Adjusted the algorithm of the quick selection panel behavior with a large number of platoons.
18) Added outlining of buttons.
19) Trenches for vehicles and heavy weapons are digged with horizontal alignment.
20) Changed the algorithm of indirect fire indication – added accounting of landscape objects located at up to 500 meters from the gun, added partial accounting of the gun angle of elevation limitations.
21) Added the platoon markers mode.
22) Added indication of the current action of a squad/vehicle in the quick selection panel.
23) Changed the save format in tactical battle, now saving is potentially possible on computers with 2GB of RAM (old saves will be deleted!).
24) Platoon markers in the platoons table in the operational phase change according to the selected in the settings.
25) Added the undo last action button in the deployment phase (Backspace by default, can be redefined).
26) Fixed a bug with a non-displayed text when selecting a line of fire and specifying a sector.
27) Added removal of intersecting text labels for squads and platoons (only the near label is kept).
28) Removed unnecessary “outlining” for units and objects models.
29) Removed dark shadowing artifacts appearing at the edges of the screen.
30) Changed textures of some special effects.
31) Changed the effect of a human on fire.
32) Minimized the delay in the creation of special effects – the effects of gun flashes and explosions are shown more correctly.
33) Fixed a bug with missing highlighting of platoons of the same battalion on the operational map.
34) In the battlegroup mode, battalion and regiment (instead of battalion/company) are highlighted on the operational map.
35) If a battlegroup participates in a battle, then strong limitation of the battle radius, selects platoons only from the attacked and attacking square (highly recommended for slow computers).
36) Changed the algorithm of vehicles and small objects interaction.
37) Changed the algorithm of the objects shading calculation.
38) Changed the algorithm of selecting units in a platoon, after deployment left click (on the panel and in the 3D/map) selects only combat-ready units, click on the platoon button (on the squads panel) selects all units.
39) Modified some special and lighting effects.
40) Changed the algorithm of unit placement when they are combined into one battery (guns and mortars are placed close to the platoon commander).
41) Fixed a bug with visualization of rain effect.


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