Great Houses of Calderia : début de la bêta

Voici deux nouvelles vidéos pour accompagner le début cette semaine de la phase Accès anticipé pour ce futur jeu très original, s’inspirant de la série Crusader Kings et proposant un contexte purement fictif basé sur l’époque féodale, plus ou moins entre le Moyen-âge et  la Renaissance.

Le jeu offre un gameplay assez varié, voyez ci-après les conseils donnés par les développeurs pour vous faire uen idée générale des choix à effectuer.

Pour plus d’informations sur Great Houses of Calderia, voyez cette page sur Steam et le site officiel.



Early Access out NOW!

Oy rulers!

Great Houses of Calderia is launching on Steam in Early Access now at a 20% discount.

Your strategic prowess will be your strongest asset as you navigate the unspoken hunger for power and influence in Calderia. Overthrow the ambitions and schemes of rival Houses as you expand your influence. Rise in the ranks of Calderia and become an even more powerful family.

The game is available in English during Early Access.

Achieve your goal in this Feudal Grand Strategy by choosing various paths: diplomacy, intrigue, war, and economy. Manage your fiefdom, produce resources and assign tasks to your characters. Make allies, enemies, trade, arrange marriages, and appeal for the most useful rank to achieve objectives. Unveil the ancient history of the fantastic land of Calderia, its myths and its forgotten civilization.

Your characters have their own personalities, constantly shaped by the events they will encounter, impacting their willingness and ability to serve you right. They have their own agenda and can escape your control to go on character journeys that will forever change them.

Hours of gameplay await you as you create your House and noble family. Participate actively in shaping the world of your characters by creating their coat of arms, choosing their traditions and values, their territory, and their storylines. There are numerous approaches to completing the game and hundreds of ways to play: unlock and discover traditions, noble ranks, and character traits.

Choices matter
– You will have to make difficult decisions to resolve a variety of situations, ranging from negotiating with other Houses to going to war. You must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

Creating stories
– Every decision you make in the game results in different outcomes and stories, whether they are related to diplomacy, war, or other events.

Balancing Diplomacy and War
– Both sides are equally important, and you need to engage actively in order to grow your influence. Manage battles, trading and diplomatic events with our conflict resolution system for battles on a real-time tactical resource management system.

Impactful decisions
– Everything you do in the game has a clear and visible effect. For example, if you dispatch a trading caravan, you will be able to observe and interact with the characters as they travel from your fiefdom to their destination.

Easy to play
– The game starts simple and becomes more complex as you progress in your quest for power.

Be wary of who you place your trust in, as “blood is thicker than water” stands as true as ever. The destiny of the family lies in its members’ hands alone. Explore the intricacies of the politics of this Mediterranean Renaissance-inspired world. The community’s feedback during Early Access will help us improve and upgrade the existing features and any planned additions to the final release version.

Experience unique events with our modding tool, allowing you to shape new stories. Your contribution will play an important role in the development and expansion of this tool to further customize the game, everything lies in your hands!

Your decisions impact the fate of Calderia and the generations to come.

Build your legacy of power and rise in the ranks of Calderia by any means necessary.

Great Houses of Calderia is now out in Early Access on Steam.


5 Tips to Start in Great Houses of Calderia

Great Houses of Calderia is now in Early Access on Steam. It is time to begin your training so that you become a worthy ruler in this Feudal Grand Strategy game. Set in a world inspired by the Mediterranean Renaissance, the game invites you to step into the shoes of a Noble Family vying for dominance in the power-hungry province of Calderia.

As you embark on this strategic journey, here are five essential tips to guide you in your quest for power, influence, and victory.

Tip #1 Know Your Characters Like the Back of Your Hand
Tip #2 Balance Diplomacy, Strategy, and Economy
Tip #3 Embrace Real-time Tactical Battles
Tip #4 Shape Your Family’s Legacy
Tip #5 How to acquire new Agents & Units

1. Know Your Characters Like the Back of Your Hand:
In Calderia, you aren’t just a ruler; you’re a leader managing an entire family. Each family member has a unique personality, traits, and desires. Take the time to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and assign them to roles that best suit their abilities. Keep in mind that characters’ personalities can evolve, shaped by the events they experience.
Lastly, pick the right family member to manage your fiefdom’s key operations to bolster your production and maintain the people´s happiness high!
Effective management of your family members is key to your success.

2. Balance Diplomacy, Strategy, and Economy:
Calderia isn’t just about battles on the field; it’s a realm where wise schemes, thriving economies, and diplomatic prowess are just as crucial. Utilize a delicate balance of diplomacy, intrigue, and trade to expand your influence. Make critical decisions during diplomatic events and battles alike, as these moments can shape the tide of power in your favour.

3. Embrace Real-time Tactical Battles:
When it comes to securing victory, battles are inevitable. Engage in real-time tactical battles that require careful planning and execution. Manage your units effectively on the battlefield to outmanoeuvre your opponents and claim victory. Remember, however, that battles are just one aspect of securing new titles and ascending the ranks of Calderia’s hierarchy.

4. Shape Your Family’s Legacy:
Define the traditions, values, and goals of your family. These elements are the foundation of your legacy and the story you’ll weave throughout the game. As you progress, you will experience the personal stories of your extended family, seeing your reputation grow and your influence expand. With the modding tool provided, you can even create unique, captivating narratives that further enrich the world of Calderia.

5. How to acquire new Agents & Units:
The pool of Agents & Units is linked to the infrastructure.
Upgrading your region will not only increase your maximum Population and boost your production but also give you access to unique Agents that can help you in social conflicts or new Unit Types that can be recruited during wartime.

In conclusion, Great Houses of Calderia offers you an immersive experience in the complex world of Feudal Grand Strategy. By understanding your characters, mastering the art of diplomacy and strategy, embracing tactical battles, shaping your family’s legacy, and adapting to the ever-changing landscape, you can rise from a fledgling noble family to seize the throne and achieve the ultimate goal of becoming the power-hungry Viceroy of Calderia. Good luck on your journey to dominion!


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